Social Media Editor

The Mighty is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities.

We are a community of people who care deeply about changing perceptions around disability and illness through sharing stories and experiences among those facing health challenges, as well as their supporters and caregivers. By capturing the power of shared experiences, The Mighty promotes inclusion and acceptance.

As such, we know that a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences enhance our vision. This value is embodied within the diversity of our community offerings and among the colleagues that help enliven our culture. Cultivating an inclusive work environment that values a range of talent and ideas is a top priority for us. We enthusiastically encourage candidates of all backgrounds and abilities to apply. Reasonable accommodations may be made.


Our Social Media Editor will be responsible for shaping and enacting our strategy across The Mighty’s social media platforms. While you will be responsible for manually directing a high volume of posts daily, this is ultimately an editorially-focused position that will require creative vision and a high level of writing talent. You will be a critical piece of our content team and will report directly to our Editorial Director.

In addition to maintaining active social channels on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter (and any other social channels we may eventually decide to pursue, such as TikTok) you will play a role in crafting our audience development strategy—ensuring The Mighty’s stories reach our devoted audience, developing our social voice, and building community with our readers.

Social media is a critical piece of any publisher’s success and the person hired for this role will be increasingly granted leeway to develop a vision that leads The Mighty’s social presence—and its larger content efforts—forward.

While a background of proven success in the digital publishing world is preferable, applicants early in their media career are very welcome to apply. We will be happy to invest in the mentorship and professional development of our new team member.


  • YOU POSSESS STRONG ATTENTION TO DETAIL even when moving quickly and take care to check and recheck all work you produce (for grammar, clarity, or visual appeal), no matter how big or small.
  • YOU STAY ON TOP OF IT with superior time management and organizational skills that allow you to consistently meet goals while balancing competing priorities.
  • YOU HAVE STRONG CREATIVE INSTINCTS and trust your own talent for producing professional-quality, publication-ready material with minimal supervision.
  • YOU TAKE INITIATIVE and thrive on anticipating and solving problems that make work easier for everyone.
  • YOU EXHIBIT HUMILITY AND CURIOSITY when approaching obstacles, remaining unflappable and focused on learning and gaining experience.
  • YOU CARRY YOURSELF WITH COMPASSION in your daily life, pride yourself on an innate skill for supporting people, and find deep satisfaction in helping others in times of need.


We are building an amazing health community at The Mighty, and we need your help to share it with the world. You will have a blank canvas to help us make people aware of and excited to learn more about everything we are doing at The Mighty. You will work closely with our editors and community team, as well as cross-functionally with our product, data, and revenue teams.

Specific responsibilities of this role include:

  • Owning strategy and execution of all current social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn).
  • Supporting the Head Writer in strategy and execution of all brand-building social content (videos, campaigns, and internal marketing).
  • Maintaining a social calendar document and scheduling all posts—including new and evergreen Mighty content, partner content, marketing content, and curated external content—with assistance from Echobox, which you will monitor and manually adjust as needed.
  • Tracking what’s happening across The Mighty and brainstorming with the content and community teams on ways to convert activity across the company into social-friendly formats (this includes developing social-specific content types, identifying conversation topics, and improving copy and imagery of existing assets to better suit a social audience).
  • Building community among the Mighty social audience—specifically, responding to comments and answering user questions when appropriate.
  • Using design programs like Canva to create consistent, polished visual assets to accompany social posts.
  • Liaising with all teams across the company as projects dictate, building strong working relationships with key people such as our Director of Social Impact (to promote initiatives for our nonprofit partners) and our revenue team (to calendar sponsored content).
  • Utilizing social analytics with an eye toward growing an audience and improving engagement.
  • Establishing social media processes and maintaining best practices for social posting.


For this role, the ideal candidate cares foremost about improving health outcomes for millions of people. Our team is deeply committed to the mission of bettering the lives of people living with health challenges and those who care for them. Everyone at The Mighty works hard daily to build a stronger product for our community and want to build it alongside people who share our same passion.

You may not possess every technical skill we desire on day one and that’s OK—if you can show you have an adaptive skill set and a thirst for learning, you can quickly overcome that.

Most importantly, we want to find someone who will be a pleasure to work with every day. You are spirited, honest, trustworthy, and personable. You strive to build authentic connections with others, even in a virtual setting. You carry strong interpersonal skills and exude emotional intelligence. You have a sense of humor but have the situational awareness to know when to be serious. You display patience when things don’t go as planned and maintain the perspective of knowing that life is basically just one long string of things not going as planned. You are confident enough to know that your voice always matters and humble enough to know there’s always much to be learned. You know how to communicate effectively and peaceably resolve conflicts if they arise. In summary, you are the kind of person who smiles at every dog you see (this is not at all required, but heads up that that’s the general vibe of the team that you’re looking to join here).

You will also stand out if you have:

  • Personal experience with health conditions, such as mental health challenges, chronic illnesses, disabilities, or rare diseases.
  • A close familiarity with the editorial work of The Mighty.
  • A strong foundation in writing and grammer.
  • An inventive, creative mind that has found ways to cut through the noise and gain attention in the ever-crowded content world.
  • A keen enough editor’s eye to realize, before we pointed it out just now, that we misspelled grammar two bullet points ago.
  • A history of supporting people living with different health conditions and disabilities.
  • Experience growing a social media following. Could be a personal account, a small business account, a large media property, etc.—it all counts the same.


  • Understanding of EchoBox or similar content publishing tools.
  • Basic familiarity with the following web services: Google Suite (Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Sheets), Slack, Canva, and WordPress.
  • The login information for all of our Mighty accounts (don’t worry; we’ll provide that).

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to Competitive salary based on experience.