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This Blind Runner's Outlook on Life Is Nothing Short of Beautiful

“Don’t ever say you can’t do it, people, because you can do it,” Jerry Gatton tells Fox 5 in the video below.  “You try to do it. Don’t say, ‘I can’t do it.’ Say, ‘I can do it.’”

Gatton is a blind runner who loves to compete at Special Olympics Maryland with the help of his coach and friend, Dale Becker, who guides him along the track. Gatton, who’s 100 percent visually impaired, also competes in shot-put and standing long jump events.

“Every year he does it he makes everyone so emotional,” Becker told “To see what someone with his disabilities does is remarkable.”

But what sticks out the most is Gatton’s incredible outlook on staying positive.

“If something don’t go right, I get down sometimes,” Gattons told Fox 5. “Then I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. What’s the use of me getting down? Then I’ll start singing. That’s what I do to make my day better.”

Watch his full story below:


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