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When Katie Driscoll, mother of six, including a daughter with Down syndrome, failed to find a single back-to-school advertisement featuring children with special needs, she decided to make her own. Now, the mom-on-a-mission is asking you to help her put pressure on advertisers all over the world.

Changing The Face Of Beauty, the organization founded by Driscoll and fellow special needs parent, Steve English, released the video below last week asking for everyone’s involvement in convincing companies to be more inclusive in advertisements. The video shows several different groups of people asking specific large companies to use models with disabilities.

Check out the campaign in the video below:

Now, it’s your turn. Using the hashtag #ChangingTheFaceOfBeauty, you can record a video of yourself calling out a retailer and asking it to include people with special needs in its 2015 advertising campaigns.

–>,” Driscoll said on her blog for The Mighty. “You have a choice and the only way advertising changes is if you show them what is important to you.”

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