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Jennifer Glass knows it’s impossible to be fearless when facing cancer — but it is possible to fear less.

When Glass was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in January 2013, she asked her husband to start taking a photo of her each day so she could see how she changed while undergoing treatment. A year later, she compiled those portraits in the video below and accompanied them with a song she cowrote with her brother, Lawrence Glass, called “I Seem to Have Cancer Today.” The 2-minute clip already has more than 270,000 views.

Glass’ cancer has stopped growing, but she’s not officially in remission. Along with her video, she shares her journey on Facebook and in a blog that you should definitely read.

Here’s an example of the type of insight she regularly shares:

Living with cancer means living. Cancer is part of my life now. But that doesn’t mean it is my life.  It’s sort of like traffic — an unpleasant reality that is usually manageable but can be hugely disruptive. Some days I just have to accept that it’s a day for the slow lane. But most days I pull on my big girl pants (mine have black sequins), rev the engine, and hit the gas. Radio cranked to 11. Singing at the top of my lungs.

Glass also talked about her diagnosis in a powerful two-minute talk through “Own The Room,” a public speaking course.

“I do believe that if you take fear out of the equation, even a little bit,” she says in that talk (below), “it enables you to see more clearly, make better decisions and, in some small degree, feel like you’re controlling something that is uncontrollable.”


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