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5 Ways Being a Mighty Contributor Has Helped My Mental Health

About a year ago, I had hit rock bottom. I was struggling with being a young woman with cerebral palsy, along with a brand new obstacle in front of me — being officially diagnosed with anxiety, depression and adjustment disorder.

For quite some time, I felt like my mind was going in a million directions with nowhere to go. But then, I would log onto The Mighty and feel like the dark cloud over my head would disappear, and I would feel a sense of relief to know that I’m not alone in my battle with my mental health. Believe it or not, The Mighty has helped me learn how to cope with my mental health in many ways:

1. The Mighty helped me realize it’s OK to talk about my depression with my loved ones.

Before joining The Mighty a few years back, I wouldn’t dare talk about my depression with my loved ones, mainly because I was afraid. Being a part of The Mighty has given me the courage to talk about my mental health with my family and have open discussions about it.

2. The Mighty helped me come to terms with my mental health.

When I was first diagnosed with anxiety, depression and adjustment disorder, I was in denial at first, but being involved in the Mighty community allowed me to come to terms with the obstacles I was facing.

3. The Mighty helped me realize it’s OK to have bad days.

Before joining The Mighty, I used to think that having a bad day with my mental health wasn’t an option. Now that I’m a part of The Mighty and the community, I realize it’s OK to have bad days as long as you get back up and try again.

4. The Mighty gave me a reason to smile. Being a part of the Mighty community gave me a reason to smile on my bad days. When I feel so drained I don’t feel like getting out of bed, so I log onto The Mighty and see everyone supporting each other, it automatically puts a smile on my face to know that people are willing to have a listening ear.

5. The Mighty gave me an outlet to write about my struggles and experiences with my mental health.

Before joining The Mighty, I would never speak about my mental health because I was afraid of what others may say. Now, thanks to The Mighty, I have the strength and the courage to speak out about my mental health. Now, I share my experiences with a community that understands the struggle of being in your 20s with a disability and mental health issues.

Being a part of The Mighty has taught me that just because you have one bad chapter in your life, it doesn’t mean your life story is over. You have to keep on going because, one day, your story could be the story that helps others who were in the same position. So, it’s best not to give up hope because we all have a story to share.

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