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Time to start taking gym selfies! Bear with us.

Anytime Fitness, a gym in New South Wales, Australia, has found a great reason to snap a picture of yourself mid-workout — to help raise multiple sclerosis (MS) awareness. The gym challenged fitness fanatics to “Kiss Goodbye to MS” by uploading gym selfies to Facebook or Instagram. The goal is to spread the word about MS, a disease that affects the brain and spinal chord, and ultimately raise money for research.

Anytime Fitness manager Kiera Pyne, whose sister, Kristen Harmer, was recently diagnosed with MS, told The Cessnock Advertiser that in one month the selfie campaign raised more than $1,500.

“It’s times like these that you realize how many kind and generous people there are out there,” she told the paper.

Selfies can be silly, we know, but raising awareness is seriously important. So, we’re on board. Check out some of Anytime Fitness’ submissions below, and if you’re feeling up to it, snap your own gym selfie.

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