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Angela Hartlin is the author of FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary and star of the 1st documentary about dermatillomania, Scars of Shame. Learn more about Angela‘s recovery and advocacy at Angela also writes about anxiety, chronic pain (living with since Oct. 2012)/ piriformis syndrome, along with related mental health concerns. Subscribe by e-mail to learn more about her upcoming book on dermatillomania recovery with Karen Pickett, EMBRACING DERMATILLOMANIA: Through Pain & Recovery, with updates to her blog through her website.
Angela Hartlin

It made my walking better 100%! For 6 years I dragged my leg to walk and couldn't lift it on my own when I was lying on my back or stomach. I immediately noticed a difference with being able to lift my leg up to walk instead of dragging it. I don't run because those 6 years exacerbated FAI on my opposite side, so I'm back to waiting for help with that. I didn't know I had FAI, but the pain in my left buttock was not from FAI so I'm glad I had the surgery not knowing about my hips or else I would have waited until I could get hip surgery where I live. I would have been completely disabled by then and in a much darker place than I was already in.

I had my surgery done by Dr. Tim Tollestrup in Nevada. I hope you can get relief soon.