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My Broken Wing

My Broken Wing

Here’s the thing

we’re all born with two wings

some we lose along the way

some stay on and allow you to fly away

what if you lose one or both they say?

you fall into a darkness that’s hard to pray and you try to pull yourself out from the foray some will make it, for you I pray

i lost a wing along the way

the other is broken but it’s okay

it’s holding on with a band aide

with hopes that the light within will not fade

it’s a crazy thing, life’s parade

sometimes it feels like a giant masquerade

where everyone’s floundering or playing a charade

for me, with one broken wing

i try each day to cling to the glimmer of hope and light I pray that i will be alright, okay

some may think i’m weak and bad

but we’re born as we are, and we can’t feel sad we try to fly out from the darkness as best we can so we may be better than how it began

my broken wing, band aided on

you lift me up when i’m not strong

it’s a battle within you see

with a tiny voice who is trying to be free and solace she finds while at the sea

water and sunlight are her nectars of life they help shut out all the strife

her little wing flies as well as she can with hopes that they’ll love her even with her deep pain

which some may say is all in vain little wing, little wing, please shine on

may those she cares for look upon

her struggles and triumphs, her willingness to try even though with one broken wing, it’s hard to fly.

by A.E. Palmer May 14, 2022