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Finding balance and joy in my life as I cope with 8 chronic diseases.
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Tell us one thing making you angry today and one thing bringing you joy.

<p>Tell us one thing making you angry today and one thing bringing you joy.</p>
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Looking for others working with these.

<p>Looking for others working with these.</p>
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I am in the hospital. I Have Cancer. #Encourageme

<p>I am in the hospital. I Have <a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce6a00553f33fe98f050" data-name="Cancer" title="Cancer" target="_blank">Cancer</a>. <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="Encourageme" href="/topic/encourageme/" data-id="5e1ac0ecfe7b6900d668f309" data-name="Encourageme" aria-label="hashtag Encourageme">#Encourageme</a> </p>
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Let It Out

<p>Let It Out</p>
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What's the last thing you laughed at?

<p>What's the last thing you laughed at?</p>
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Does anyone know the percentage of people who live/recover if they've gotten sick enough to be on a ventilator with Covid?

Rin Kraft
Rin Kraft @rinkraft

When Doctors Can't Find My Veins

There are few curses worse than being chronically ill and having shitty veins — veins that run deep, collapse at a drop of hat, don’t flow blood fast enough. Veins that play Houdini by simply disappearing. Every time I go to get my blood drawn (as is standard for most chronic illnesses), I am sure to be met with a look of shock. After all, the vein was there! The shadow is still visible, taunting, just beneath the surface. So why is nothing coming out? Why has blood flow stopped after just two seconds? What trickery is this?! Even the most experienced phlebotomists with experience working in neurology and geriatric wards have trouble with my veins. With certainty, these experienced warriors probe and push, searching for the best point of attack on such easy arms. I always tell them, “Please, just take it from my hands. I’m used to it. It works. Please.” They always scoff. Until, like magic, they feel the veins under their fingertips but no needle can find them. That’s when they get the look. How? How could a patient know this would happen? It seems like such a small thing, but phlebotomists are health professionals too. When they just brush off what I’m saying – that I know my body, that it doesn’t work like other people’s – I’m back to being that needy, annoying hypochondriac. I’m that person “faking” my chronic illness. Except in this case it’s not an illness I’m faking; it’s exaggerating how difficult it is to draw my blood. After all, thin needles are for the deserving, not just anyone. Today, I had to take a blood test over two hours with three blood draws. I ended up being stuck with needles eight times. It’s not even certain that the test will be effectively performed because I wasn’t allowed to drink during the test and the last draw dripped as slowly as thick molasses, barely meeting the required volume needed. Bruises are blooming angrily under my skin, forming clots which could become dangerous, and I am tired. I am tired that no health professional will take me at my word. Not even phlebotomists.

Erin Migdol

14 Memes You'll Relate to If You Can't Regulate Body Temperature

One of the classic symptoms of dysautonomia is the inability to regulate your body temperature; for example, you might feel freezing even though no one else around you is that cold, or you might find yourself furiously ripping off your sweatshirt despite the fact that you haven’t done anything to warrant getting so hot. It can be uncomfortable to say the least, not to mention inconvenient. Who wants to carry an extra sweater around all the time? You, the person who will randomly get super cold — then scorchingly hot a few minutes later!Having unregulated temperature can be frustrating, but the absurdity of it all can also be (at least a little bit) funny. For those moments when you just need to laugh at the ridiculous things your body makes you do when it can’t make up its mind about how cold (or hot) you are, here are 14 memes to pull out and remind yourself you aren’t alone. 1. via @katycasino Instagram 2. via @cxmarie593 Instagram 3. via @gin_snow_ Instagram 4. via 5. via @kaleyneosho Instagram 6. via @mrstabithamccarthy Instagram 7. via decadenthumor Tumblr 8. via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram 9. via @thechroniccommunity Instagram 10. via @thechroniccommunity Instagram 11. via @katiekvsg Instagram 12. via @she_samantha_ Instagram 13. via @kinsey_fit_ Instagram 14. via thedisneyprincess Tumblr