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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Bonnie. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

I became hypothyroid 24 years ago, when a medication I never should have been given seriously damaged my thyoid. I diagnosed myself twelve years later; every doctor I'd seen had missed that all-important diagnosis. The main reason doctors miss hypothyroidism also explains how often doctors miss exactly how hypothyroid a patient is. The culprit in this diagnostic blindness, and one of the key culprits in that underestimation in diagnosed patients, is the dogmatic obsession with a pituitary test, the TSH.This nonsense that has harmed countless patients.

Lately, I've learned a harsh truth that makes me sad and angry: since the beginning (1998), I have never had proper hypothyroidism care, so I've needlessly stayed ill for decades.

Over the winter, when my health unsurprisingly took a further dive, I finally realized the need to dig more deeply for answers. I began to face having received terribly inadequate care from the thyroid doctor who had treated me the longest. I finally, closely read the lab report I had received last summer, showing the tests run by a much more competent doctor. (Unfortunately, I could not continue with her for practical reasons.)

That report, plus research discoveries, set me on the right path, however painful it was to face what had happened. A key finding: among other testing blind spots, my main doctor had failed to run four tests to gauge my iron levels. This testing negligence is a big reason that my hypothyroid state and symptoms--including adrenal fatigue--continued. Ironically, my resulting ill health led him to avoid raising my thyroid medication dosage. He thought he was helping by not applying too much "thyroid energy" to my adrenals when, in fact, his inferior treatment had perpetuated my adrenal fatigue in the first place.

I now see that I compounded the situation by not thinking for myself; I hadn't acted on my growing doubts about his minimal testing and concerns about his questionable treatment priorities.

Above all, I had not realized the thyroid medication dosage range that is crucial in driving the optimal thyroid hormone blood level that finally resolves "hypo" symptoms.

So, starting in February, I researched the scientific literature more deeply and pored over the Stop the Thyroid Madness website--primarily the work of Janie Bowthorpe, M. Ed, a highly informed, veteran, hypothyroidism patient who collaborates with many doctors and other patients. Her books (not specified here to lessen the length of this post) are a must for hypothyroidism patients! Over the last two decades or so, STTM has launched what it rightfully calls "a patient revolution against decades of inferior thyroid treatment"!