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Hi, my name is Carli. I was diagnosed with Orthostatic hypotension in 2017. I knew I had it - my spouse was diagnosed with MSA in 2010. His main symptom has always been OH. My doctors searched and searched for answers to my OH - and all they could find was a hypertrophic adrenal gland, which they tested over and over again. My cortisol and ACTH was dreadfully low, and my endocrinologist decided to do a carotid artery ultrasound on my neck. They found nodules and biopsied them. They turned out positive for Papillary thyroid cancer, and I had surgery. 2 years later, my diagnosis has changed - from OH to POTS. Before my surgery my heart rate hit 176. Now, my high is 118. Still working on it. But I’m thankful my doctors never gave up! My symptoms were total exhaustion, hot and cold, and weight loss. They’re the same symptoms my spouse has, with MSA, and now I see the progression. POTS, OH, MSA. Best, Carli



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