Amelia Schneider

I am a female who deals with several conditions both physical and mental. I have been on disability for many years now. I am wheelchair bound and am not ashamed. I also use an electric chair. I live in an assisted living facility.
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Being lied to by hospital

The hospital had the gall to tell me they had a blood test that told them my seizure was a pseudoseizure and not a real one. I'm not that stupid...

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How to stop caring what people think?

What do you do to not be bothered?

Basically I care too much about what others think and how my friends feel about me. I keep taking things personally on the dl. I try to always reaffirm myself with "but do you have proof that x, y, z are mad" or "but do you have proof you did something wrong" or "why does it matter? Your opinion is the only one that matters" but it doesn't work. I hate that I'm making myself feel like crap when everything else in my life is fine. I just want to be grateful. I'm not depressed so why can't I stop it #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety

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Really bad anxiety #

My wife of 18 years says she wants to break off our marriage
I love her to bits and don’t get it.
I don’t see the point in going on any more.i can’t cope I feel like killing my self

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A little fun!

<p>A little fun!</p>
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I'm new to the community

Hi, all. I'm new. It told me to let everyone know I'm new and who I am, but I can't find the area to do so. So, I'm just posting then. I , um, hmm, not sure what to say. I have been "frail" by government standards since I was 14. It all started when I woke up one day and was covered from head to toe in a weird rash. It turned out to be psoriasis. I had treatment for weeks before it slowly began to go away and then it went away except for my scalp and knuckles which I still fight to this day. Then my musculoskeletal system began to fight against me. I would fall for no reason, drop things, etc... I had to go to Physical Therapy for a long time. Then I started taking medicine. 14 pills a day (now I take about 30 pills a day). In my 20's, my back began to fail me. They called it disk degenerative disorder. I had a herniated disk and my lower back was crumbling, I had spurs up my entire spine, and cervical stenosis. I also lost 3 babies, which was devastating. In my 30's, I lost two more. When I lost the last one, I was informed that I had endometrial cancer. I fought it, and it went away only to come back in six months so I fought it again and it went away only to be discovered that it was coming from cervical cancer so I had a total hysterectomy and lost my chance to ever have a child which put me into a downward spiral of depression. Then they discovered a small patch of skin cancer and removed that. Then I ended up with thyroid cancer and with some surgery and radiation, was able to get rid of that, This year will be my five year if I come out clean. Only they did a fibroscan of my liver (I'm stage 2 fibrosis NASH) and found severe liver damage and want to do a biopsy because they fear liver cancer. And on top of that, I've had some heart issues here and there (just little valve problems and angina) and they seem to suggest that a part of my heart is not getting oxygen so they want to do a cath, but I've been having uncontrolled seizures and they won't do it until I get a neurologist and he/she okays the cath. Anyway, I'm disabled. I travel by wheelchair = manual and electric - and I'm mostly in bed. When I graduated college, I was able to teach college (English Composition) for 8 years and those were some of the happiest days of my life. When I was doing my Bachelor's in college, it was in theatre and my truly happiest moments were being up on stage and acting. I don't know why I'm blabbing, I'm so sorry. I just never had somewhere where people might understand. I probably just signed my ignore warrant. Thanks for letting me in.

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