Ebony Burnette

Community Voices

Struggling to survive

I don’t understand how I even got here. I’m extremely tired. My life of mental and physical health issues is like a roller coaster with many twists and turns but it never stops but when it seems its going here comes a drop!!! Hair swings back, air smacks wide and hard in the face, heart drops to the stomach holding on for dear life. Looking around on the way back up seeing no one around no other passengers no one conducting the coaster just you on the roller coaster of illness. Even with the medicine, coping skills, and procedures the coaster slows down but it never stops. I just want a friend, a pet, a kid or two a consistent source of income to be on this flow with me and never let go! Had a few but they jump off before the drop hits and says their afraid of heights so Am i but I don’t have a choice I have to be here. I don’t need you to hold my seat belt or rearrange my harness just sit beside me through the loops and hand me some support or two. #Anxiety #Depression #HirschsprungsDisease #Ostomy #PTSD