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Any other adults still struggling with the effects of childhood bullying?

Seeking some validation.

I'm in my mid 30s. I was bullied through most of elementary school (so roughing 8 consistent years of 8 it). Its impacted me significantly with mental health issues (depression, anxiety, panic attacks and self harm).
The bullying stopped in highschool, but due to my experiences I wasn't really able to make and connections.
Currently working through addressing the trauma with a therapist.
I feel weird calling it trauma. I feel weak that it is still affecting me.
I dont remember alot of details but often think I'm just remembering it worse than it was.

My partner and therapist have tried validating that it was significant and extreme.
I recently asked my parents if I ever told them or if teachers ever told them about the bullying, they said no. Which adds morw confusion whether it really happened. #Anxiety #Bullying #Depression

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My 2019 was...

<p>My 2019 was...</p>
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