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Not strong

Not strong I'm sorry

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Why alone is hard

You give all of yourself for 15 years to a husband, to be excluded put down, in pain and hey you know the rest, Ty to Mighty for being there, It's just damn hard

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Deep breathes.
In 7 seconds, out 7
In 7 seconds, out 7

<p>Deep breathes.<br>In 7 seconds, out 7<br>In 7 seconds, out 7</p>
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Close to 800 000, people die from suicide every year in the world

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Lost and confused

My husband committed suicide in April. I don’t want to live without him
I don’t know how. I hate this. But I put a smile on my face when I walk out the door so no one knows , I am not ok

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iF THERE WAS A violent pit of snakes

You'd throw me in

If there were some tears left uncried

It would be your all summer and birthday gift to me

If sadness was a scale from 1 to 100, yesterday was 1000

If the emptiness in my soul were worth nothing I'd be alive

If I could run I'd go to the deepest cave

If I could lock myself up in the darkest saddest jail cell

It maybe has already happenned

If you could take me to music do

Cause If I had and have all of your permissions to take my life I will

What is there Blues in the park again today,

If my heart were a park it would be full of thorns

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Inland or Beach, Peach

The Beach a lonely abyss though you're by my side

As if through this torrid life we would just glide

Inland away from temptation where I can hide

And take everything in my life in stride

Then you offer support

Though our relationship's not been a work of art

You're a shoulder to cry on, carry on is our part

Your sick I see, and to be a shoulder to you is this start

Inland's inside watching movies and music

Beach time's in water boating and ice cream lick

May I light your campfire my lighter's a bic

Then maybe we can walk up the creek

Or, is it people's parties and conversation you imerse yourself in

Without me you of course win

Love, of friend and kin

When will I be invited to this din

Not darkness, just lonely Pepper of some sort

today with cedarwood not garlic a foot

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Good night

<p>Good night</p>
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Tylenol and tears

Hey guys, woke up with headache, have counselling appointment, so down, dont go to beaches this month with or without family, or to friends, now I may go see one family member, this sadness again, its something those of you with depression know well, Blessed be, go out and buy yourself a pretty box of kleenex, a candle, pretty soap, a shirt, a book about war time nurses. watch Pearl Harbour excerpts, nurture your video gamr kid, have wings n hot sauce, walk for take out, talk to a counsellor, everything passes, now where is taht box of kleenex, thanks Mighty

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