Erin-Louise Kirsop

@erinlouisekirsop | contributor
I want to share my story.

Living With Tricuspid Atresia

I will begin by saying there is no real knowledge of how long I will live, which in some ways is one of the so-called normal things about me. To the boy who asked me this question, I thank you. But I also feel sorry for you. You see, I have lived with an unseen condition my entire life — a condition that affects my heart. To put it simply, I am lucky to be here. In my 20 years on this earth, my life has been filled with many questions, but the most asked question of my life (aside from have I taken my medicine; yes, Mum!), is am I OK? Medically speaking, no. I will never be as healthy as someone without my condition. But for someone with my condition, I am wonderful. I am writing this upon my return from spending three months abroad by myself. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever say that. It was there that I was asked this question. And it was there that I realized that without my condition, I may not be so wonderful. There are many things I cannot do. I cannot get a tattoo or a piercing, I cannot drink alcohol or cranberry juice and I definitely cannot do athletics (I learned that the hard way). But there is one thing I can do, and that is live my life to the fullest. Every single one of us lives our lives on a clock, it’s just that some of us are lucky enough to realize it sooner than others.