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Disappointed scam"Clinical Trial" endorsed by the Mighty #fibromyalia #chronic pain #Fibromyalgia #Depression

I am so disappointed in the Mighty right now! Received a request to apply for a free clinical trial of a device worn on the face to ease some pain/symptoms. I "qualified". Thought: great!!
Fine print says after 28 days of using the device, I'll have to pay $59/month to keep it. Feel like I've been scammed. Beware, friends. Can't trust anyone.

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Childhood Trauma Trigger

Just received a photo of myself at 8 years of age and it has triggered an immense amount of pain and heartache and regret. Why do I feel responsible for my 8 year old self? I was sexually abused from such an early age that as far as I member I was probably a toddler. I know it peaked at 8 when my parents split and my single mother’s only choice was to move in with the family members whose head was the predator. I was so young and the target of a running joke as everyone called me the crying baby. I used to cry all the time, I had to endure the abuse and the terrifying fear of this man coming at any moment to abuse me. I guess I have told myself all this years that I was ok but I’m not. I’m angry, he passed away last year at a very old age and I’m still angry and hurting. I need to heal…. I don’t know what to do #ChildhoodAbuse

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