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THIS IS US Disability Inclusion

Bravo Bravo to TIU show for the adorable “disabled” boys playing Kate’s son. I wrote earlier that Kate’s obesity disability has not been mentioned…. Too bad. It’s a fact and sad that nobody mentions that TIU has a major and lovely star whom everyone loves but has a huge obesity issue (no pun intended). Nobody wants to hurt her feelings? We talk about low vision and albino and hearing loss but fat is too delicate to talk about? Why is that? I’m fat. I don’t like it. I’m embarrassed. But it is a disability to be obese and BRAVO to TIU for featuring a major actor who is obese as well as gifted in talent.

Community Voices

The Disability article…

Great that “This is Us” has Kate’s son with disabilities. But what about Kate’s disability - she’s hugely obese. That is a serious disability on many fronts. I love her! I want her to live. I’m overweight by 50 pounds but not by way more than that, like she is.