Kayla Faith

I am the grandmother "MeMa" of Wyatt, 2 yr old grandson who has PMG- Polymicrogyria, Pachygyria, Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia. Also, am a hands-on support person for respite for Wyatt's mom, my daughter Jaime. I am also a writer and manage a support website for him. www.family-strong-tribe.org
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Holding on to HOPE with PMG & Cerebral Palsy #pmgawareness

I recall the day/moment when my beautiful daughter Jaime received the shocking diagnosis of PMG (Polymicrogyria), Pachygyria, Dystonia and Cerebral Palsy for her 2 year old son Wyatt.

He had multiple developmental delays but it wasn't until VCU Children's hospital finally came on board, that we received a clear diagnosis of what was causing his symptoms.

We were all blindsided, and as Matriarch of our Family Strong Tribe, I immediately got into my car and drove 5 hours from Philadelphia PA to Fredericksburg VA to be with my daughter. This is not our first experience with a Rare Disease Diagnosis, so the one thing we already knew to do was to rally together in support and PRAY for Miracles.

Please know we pray daily for all families with Special Needs Angels...

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