i believe that we all have story, that we all matter and loved
Community Voices

my dream

one i dream of that we will find a vaccine to duchenne muscular dystrophy , that our boys we live full long life.

to see them get married finish school go on vacation be grandparents to be part of our community , and live

life to fullest. that we appreciate what we have and greatful that we have been given today, not worry about

tomorrow . i dream that one day we treat just like every one else with respect and love for who we are.

i dream that we will make a difference, and be value for the people we are. i dream that we love our own

music and celebrate our life, with any one telling we can’t . i just want to dream that there won’t

be any more war or disease , just to live in peace. is that so hard to ask. why do have to put

our slef down just because we dont look a certain way, or speak, look what they want to be.

make fun of others who are different or have a disability , what make them so special.

we are just the same as others. we love the same to. i just dream that one day we can just

love and be in peace kimmy