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I saw 10 kinds of migraine listed here, I have 9.

I read here that there are 10 kinds of migraine. So far , I have 9. I have had migraines since I was 12,over 50 years. They started with menstrual triggers, Since then I've had a histerectomy and been through menopause. That's when things got strange. It started with uncontrolled movements in half my body, then fainting and finally 6 to 12 hours of vomiting. I just started with a new neurologist, he ran every scan and test and hasn't found answers yet. I get Botox and try to take meds, but often can't keep them down. I have no social life. My dogs and horse are my companions, but I have been married for 45 years. I consider myself blessed just for that.I was a fanatic athlete, mountain climbing, running, riding and gardening. I was actually paid well for gardening. Now , if I actually sleep all night I am stoked. I found this site a long time ago, but it is hard for me to talk about all this. I was so strong, born of Vikings, educated in a medical family and actually paid to sing. All of our parents finally died. I lost some incredible dogs and a horse, went through depression and rarely do anything fun anymore. Well , all that to say, I still feel blessed.I live in Hawaii near the beach. It truly is beautiful. I have experienced a strength and connection with God, the universe and 2 awesome grown children and their kids. My husband still stands by me. I have found so many people here and in snatches of encounters that do not have much hope. Hope is knowing that there is so much more than my pain. heck we have seen the furtherest star in the universe!. Life is facinanating. They named the star Earendel, after a Tolkien is from the old Norse. I look into the heavens and I see my home. I am very small in this vast heaven, I find all of these troubles a passing comet, until I learn to fly. ( oh and I fully expect to see all my lost pets in heaven).

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Do you consider yourself introverted or extroverted?

<p>Do you consider yourself introverted or extroverted?</p>
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Caption this animal photo #DistractMe

<p>Caption this animal photo <a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Distract Me" href="/topic/distractme/" data-id="5cabee5faf2da400d4e56a41" data-name="Distract Me" aria-label="hashtag Distract Me">#DistractMe</a></p>
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Broken knee on top of my usual pain

I fell and broke my knee cap. I have no idea how long it will take limping around in a full leg brace. I have 4 large dogs and a horse. I have a new grand child coming in December. I want to do so much more than i can. I have already fallen twice. I have migraines, thoracic outlet syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia and now one knee replacement and one broken knee cap. I live in the country on Oahu, Hawaii. There is no local help near me and I can't drive with my right knee broken. All in all I am doing OK. My husband gets me to absolutely necessary appointments. I feel alone and unable to care for all my animals like I am used to doing. My insurance is not providing any useful help. I am on no pain meds. I have family, but everybody has to work in this ultra expensive  location. My family is local and not ever moving away. I trust God will provide, but I feel like a burden and a failure right now. I used to be an athlete. Sitting still is hard for me. I am inclined to self medicate or just force myself beyond what I should do. I need to feel OK about resting and letting myself heal, but I don't. I started on Emgality and my chronic migraines are better, but I am concerned about this new drug. Anybody else have input on this new drug? I don't sleep well and I am feeling very alone. I was a painter, an artist, but have no motivation now. Without faith I am sure I would resort to defeat. I am not a person who asks "why?", because my father was a doctor and I am not so naive as to think i should be exempt from problems, Sometimes I would rather be

helping someone else, but when it's me, not so much.

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