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I am a chronic illness & pain sufferer looking for support, encouragement & enjoy giving the same to others who are trying to manage & cope with chronic illnesses.
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Am I the only one who lost a friendship because they did not take the pandemic seriously? One of my closest friends (we know each other since we were in middle school) and I have been “breaking up” because as much as I want to accept our differences, I cannot ignore the fact that she failed to ever social distance and even hung out with people who had covid. After months of her going through this “rebellious” phase, she kinda got back to being more responsible and I felt like we were on the same page. We were even roommates for a while. When the vaccine came out, I got the shots. She showed moderate interest in getting it but only moderate. The problem is not that she is scared of side effects or any hesitancy about the science, but that she simply couldn’t care less. Like there is absolutely no sense of urgency. The fact that she does not even bother to do a bit of research or even discussing these issues is hurting our friendship for good. I can’t “forgive her” for being so indifferent to the pandemic that has killed so many. How can I close this chapter and really become capable of not caring whatsoever? I wish I could kinda move on from her but it’s so hard 💔#friendshipstruggles #help

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How do you deal with not being able to keep up w/to do lists, home & life responsibilities? #

How do those w/chronic illness deal with not being able to keep up w/to do lists, home & life responsibilities? I feel overwhelmed,is this common w/chronic illness patients? I use to have boxes checked off & felt on top of things inc small things day to day. Now Im always forgetting things I need to do & falling behind. Im I use to be a type A personality, now I say Im type c & laugh it off but internally it hurts. Thats not me & struggle alot.
#ChronicIllness #todolists #MS #BrainTumor #ChronicFatigue #ChronicPain #Life

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Wow ....

<p>Wow ....</p>
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Does anyone else get scared to fall asleep due to bad dreams and heightened anxiety at night?

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I need to rant

I’m annoyed, I’m angry, and I’m so frustrated. Today I left my appointment with my naturopath feeling so bad when I normally feel good and validated. She started off the appointment by saying it stunk of cigarette smoke (yes I am a smoker, life is stressful okay, but I use perfume and hand sanitizer and am very aware of where I do it, I did not smoke before going into this appointment, my clothes had just been washed) and had to excuse herself to go get a mask. . She was visibly annoyed and you could just hear it in her voice. This has never happened before, with any of my doctors, and I’ve seen her for almost a year now. Then, she goes on about how she doesn’t know what to do because she’s ruled everything out. She lists off the brain, spine, peripheral nervous system, and systematic disease saying she’s ruled them out... I was only tested for a specific Sjorgrens antibody, and a specific MG antibody.. I had one brain MRI, two years ago before I was symptomatic with whatever this is. My spine has never even been evaluated or looked at, or brought up for this, despite MRI’s from accidents or injury’s years ago, when they noted degeneration in several spots. Really the only things we’ve ruled out are peripheral nervous disorders (I had a normal EKG, with some muscle problems noted to be caused by spine or brain) and Sjorgrens and MG.. she won’t even test me for lupus because she just says it’s not that at all, and won’t test me for RA because “Lots of people have false positives.” Do most people with false positives also have xrays showing swelling in several joints? I’m confused as to how she got the idea she ruled out everything, when my other doctor is saying I have strongly suspected MS, and maybe another autoimmune condition with it, and that I need an updated brain MRI with contrast this time, the old one provides no information one way or another they said. She then went on to talk about all the medications she’s tried on me to treat my Pots and hopefully other symptoms, some didn’t do anything, some didn’t do enough, and some caused awful reactions that left me in the hospital. The way she talked about them felt like I was completely to blame, it was my fault I had these reactions, it’s my fault non of her treatments worked. I don’t want to keep trail and erring medications. Non of these are even approved FDA treatments of Pots. I don’t even want to take medication and I’ve made it clear I’d like my body to be off of medications for a little while. I used to take 20 pills a day, of 6 different medications, for 5 years daily. I thought I deserved a break. Now I’m on a steroid medication, with an already compromised immune system. Great. Oh but, she doesn’t want to prescribe pain medication, because they don’t know the exact source of my debilitating pain. How funny right? #LivingWithPOTS #CheckInWithMe #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDiseases

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