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Is anyone up for a chat?? I am feeling very anxious.....

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Nothing changes

How do I keep going when my brain keeps telling me not to?
#Depression #Suicide #PTSD

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My Day

I just wanted to brag for a moment, and thought that the Mighty was a good place to do it.
I got up this morning, but only sat in bed for a half a cup of coffee, not my usual two, not wanting to get up. I got dressed right away and took Little Man out (he's my Service Dog and best friend).
My apartment is full of work spaces, I use everything as work benches because I'm working on about 346 different projects at the same time. Tools are everywhere. Pieces and parts and gadgets and ideas are everywhere.
Well, today I completely cleared one whole table,4'x 8', FINISHED nine projects! 9 !!!
For me, lately has been pretty much bad. My body is failing because of who I used to be, which is a whole nother story. My brain is going downhill because of the stroke, and my depression is hard to ignore.
But..... today I got up and LIVED!!! I put one foot in front of the other and kept going!!!
My body will regret it tomorrow, but today was worth it! I lived.
Tell me about your day? Anything exciting, different, funny, inspirational?

#bi polar
#Manic depression
#suicidal ideation
#Suicide attempts
#heart attack
#Childhood traumas
#losing hope
#Still trying hard

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I live (not suffer) with bipolar syndrome, depression, PTSD, Anxiety, and Social phobia. I also have a moderate case of Benign Familiar Tremor. My daily goal is to focus on the positives around me. I also am very disciplined on taking my meds, moving, and trying to improve my nutrition. I love my dog and cats. I am a very responsible pet owner. I also love to garden. I am just stating to learn about native plants.
I am 58 years old. I am a retired Scientist. I had to retire early (2001) due to my mental illness. This was very difficult for me because I loved what I did.

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is LoriSue. I’m new to the Mighty and am excited to connect! #MightyTogether