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Hey everyone, My name is Maureen. I’m currently in college with a major in speech pathology. I have spastic diplegia Cerebral Palsy, scoliosis and Dyslexia. Thank you for following me on my journey through life. ♿️
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What are reliable and credible resources for students with mental health?

As someone who is currently working working and paying for school and would like to receive help for mental health . What are some resources available for students that are relatively low cost but widely available and accessible for students with disabilities?

What are some resources that you use to seek support?


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What activities do you do to help manage your own stress and practice self care?

As someone who is graduate school I am trying to manage stress and anxiety and give myself grace but push myself. What are some activities you do to make sure your practice self care and stay in a healthy mental safe space when you feel overwhelmed and burnout?
#Anxiety #CollegeMentalHealth #CerebralPalsy #Selfcare #Stress

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I would first like to say thank you to my support system of my family, friends and co-workers.

I’m greatful that I am in a graduate program especially for my major of speech language pathology.

I began my journey of becoming an speech languag pathology in January. I am also working as a SPED TA . I am doing my graduate school work virtually.

I have noticed that it’s hard for me to manage all of this at once. I noticed when I’m in school I feel like I’m drowning even though I’m only taking two classes and the stress of making a B- or better this a requirement for my major has taken a toll on me mentally. I love my major and the knowledge I am gaining. I just feel like I don’t belong in my major or at my university because it seems inaccessible but it I want that to be the reason why I make a difference.

These feeling of sadness, imposter syndrome and anxiety are scary for me because it’s all new to me as someone who loves learning.

I am hoping I am not alone in these feelings?

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Speech Language Pathology Graduate School and Paraprofessional
#SLP #CP #Anxiety

Hi everyone I know I haven’t updated in quite a while. I have now graduate with my Bachelors in Communication Science and Disorders.
I just completed my first semester of graduate school as a speech language pathology major. I am working as a paraprofessional or a special education teach assistant.

As I reflect back on these moments. I realized struggle with time management. I also need to learn to find my voice and advocate for myself. I no in my heart of hearts I want to be an SLP and change the field for the better. I just need to prioritize myself and my studies as I go into the next school year and next semester.
#MentalHealth #CollegeMentalHealth

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Do you know of any free apps that transcribed and record? Or any recommendations?

Hey everyone hope your doing well with the current state of the world right now. I am currently in college for speech pathology. We have a lot of lectures and take plenty of notes. I am an auditory and visual learner and I have noticed the benefit of using captions and transcription for video. I have not found any apps that are truly free and allow recording and transcription. #Disability #LearningDisabilities #Accessibility #Accommodations #SpecialEducation #College #University #CerebralPalsy #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness

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My review on Netflix “Special”
#CerebralPalsy #Netflix

As someone with CP I do appreciate the show because it shows the journey that many of us go through experience internal ablism. Then when telling your friends and other important people in life about your disability and seeing they didn’t care after all. If they judge you about they really aren’t a friend. Rejecting help when you know you need it. The possibly having overbearing parents and longing for independence. Also showing the reality of CP the many ungraceful falls, having spams, struggles to tie a shoe, struggling to button a shirt scared to dance because of judgment.

As someone with CP who is a person of color and is straight.
I really enjoy the shows relatability also showing the parent and child dynamic. Also how the workplace reacts when he shared his disability. Also the jealousy among people within the disabied community.

The ideas and conpects that could used in the upcoming season
*Talking about his college experience
*Accommodation in workplace
*More about the jealous with the disabled community
*His past friendship
*Having more POC with disabilities as guest stars
*I would also like to see longer episodes
* More of his relationship with Kim and her background story

#CerebralPalsy #Netflix #MentalHealth #Anxiety
#Physicaldisability #LGBT #College #University

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What is your experience with the Spinal Fusion Surgery as someone with Cerebral Plasy?

I’m currently in limbo if I want to get evaluated for the spinal fusion surgery. This is my first time getting surgery as an adult.
I’m also in college and wanting to work in the medical field .
I’m currently having pain in my back when standing for long periods of time. I get long winded when walking for short/ long periods of time.

I know as someone with CP who’s had 2 major surgery I just want to know what recovery was like? How was the physical therapy? How was recovery time? How long did it rake for you to walk independently?
Do you regret getting the surgery? What advice would you give?
#CerebralPalsy #SpinalFusion
#PhysicalTherapy #Recovery
#Physicaldisability #Surgery

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What Netflix Crip Camp Taught Me as a Person w/a disability

I just completed watching Nexflix’s new documentary titled “Crip Camp”. I thoroughly enjoyed it I could relate to everyone and every topic feature within the documentary. I wish there where more stories or movies like this getting more light within various industries. I’m tried of being seen as someone inspiration. I just what to be seen as an equal to the human race and given equal opportunity without barriers.
#Disability #MentalHealth #CerebralPalsy #Physicaldisability #Depression #Anxiety

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Week 1: The Start of a New Semester

Hey everyone, I’m back to give an update on how my first week in the spring semester when. I have kept up with taking notes and using my version of studying to help me understand while also reading the chapters before class which helps. I have noticed that I have become quieter I class but I’m not going to be to hard on myself because it is the first week. Last semester being that it was my first time away form home, my family, and being in a new environment I was slightly depressed and I would talk to everyone because I wanted to make friends within my major which isn’t the way to do. Now I am happy and ready to start the new semester. Hope everyone semester is off to a great start. If you have any questions regarding conquering college with a disability my comment section is always open.
Love M❤️ #College #Disability #MightyTogether #Anxiety #LearningDisabilities #CerebralPalsy

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