I hope to meet others like myself and share my journey and discovery regarding mental health. I hope to learn more.
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What do you do when you can’t sleep?

<p>What do you do when you can’t sleep?</p>
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Down all day

Hello! I had a down two last days, meaning I felt depressed because I find no meaning or fulfillment in my work, and I wake up with dread each day work is coming. I do not care for my supervisor either. We don't click and I wanted to/tried to like her but at this point I'm not interested. I think I can end on good terms but I'm having the toughest time finding another job that I am confident I won't want to quit for a while anyways; I've become a job hopper and I'm concerned about getting another one and quitting this job without something lined up but I do what I must to protect my mental health. I'm not asking for advice but mostly asking for hope and good thoughts. It is much appreciated.

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How do we talk about antipsychotic weight gain in a healthy way?

#antipsychotic weight gain seems inevitable for most of us with #Schizophrenia . It’s one of the most common #SideEffects of our medications. It can be distressing and lead to multiple health issues, including diabetes ans heart failure.

But how do we talk about it in a healthy way? It seems that any time I talk about my weight gain, outside of speaking to my doctors about it, there’s a lack of support from family and friends because I sound like I’m complaining or being #fatphobic or contributing to #triggers for #DisorderedEating .

I gained 70lbs in less than a year. It’s uncomfortable. It was expensive to consistently purchase new clothing. My body is uncomfortably different.

Where can I go to for support without offending those I love?

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Living with Schizophrenia

I wish there were better medicines for schizophrenia. I've been on the same one since late 2017 but I don't want to increase the dose because side effects can be terrible, namely diabetes, weight gain (which I had and have since lost most of), anticholinergic effects, plus now breast cancer. I think we are behind where we should be for understanding and treating any mental illness, but the diagnosis of schizophrenia alone scares me because they say it is the most severe. I would do research on it myself if they didn't require a medical background. I live with my mother and dread the day she dies because she has been critical in my recovery. Other family members couldn't help how she has; they do not understand it. I had delusions/psychosis for 3-4 years before I finally stuck with a medicine, and it helped. I fear relapse and anosognosia. I wonder if it wouldn't be so bad if I had insight for always. Some of my delusions were positive and fun and they were hard to let go of when I came back to reality. I still listen to the music that I loved during that time and believed I wrote all the songs, that the songs all had personal meaning for me, and that there was another more perfect universe where we all never aged past 21 and never had health issues or aging so we lived forever plus everyone got along and those songs that I still listen to transported me to that perfect place and made me feel like the main character in a simulation. For me during these years, reality was virtual, and it made me appreciate it more. Now, I can't disprove all that I believed, so maybe some of it is possible and I cling to that hope. Other delusions/hallucinations were terrifying. And so, I dread a relapse where I end up repeating history or having it worse; I was often suicidal and attempted it even when I believed I was invincible. I still struggle with anxiety, a little depression today. Here's to a bright future for anyone with these mental illnesses.

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