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Go drink some water :]

I know sometimes getting up may be hard for some people, but being dehydrated can worsen it. So maybe try to drink some of the half empty water bottles that are lying around in your room. Stay hydrated kings/queens/your majestys <3 #maybegetasmallsnackfromathekitchenaswell

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I need to get better help. :] #therapydoesn 'tAlwaysWork

Uh, hi. My name’s Nex, I struggle from many things. My top 3 being PTSD, anxiety, and being a Ftm trans person. Life is hard for me, but I hope it's better for you. If you need to talk to someone, I'm open to anyone. If you want to be a therapist for someone, I am also here. You're worth the life that has been given to you, so make the life good. #I 'mRightHereForYou #LGBTQ #trans

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