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Spring cleaning

It's very difficult to get rid of my old belongings. Even if I've no use for them, and it's better off to have money in hand than junk and reminders of the past.

Though, I can't help but give pause while going through things. I think "Maybe I can use this again one day. Maybe it's best I hold onto this...just in case". Even if that time most likely will never come.

My old hiking backpack, my athletic wear, my special clothes for going out, my makeup. Transit pass holders. It's still hard to not chase that part of me that doesn't exist anymore.

#Disability #ChronicIllness

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And finally, I understand that people want to help. I do. But it's almost insulting to think that people haven't thought I have tried. I know how to use Google. If I've been suffering for 2 years then you'd think they'd know I've been looking into things and keeping tabs on research every single day.

You are not doing me a favor by linking me the first thing you see when you look up my illness, as if it's novel information to me.

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The right doctor

To that end, it's frustrating to hear that I just haven't met the right doctor yet. These people will brush off another's suffering, thinking someone else can take care of it. It doesn't matter if I live near the supposed best medical care in the country. it doesn't matter if I fly across the world. The answer will be the same. How can you cure something that medicine hasn't discovered yet?

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Catching up with friends lately to hear "You're STILL having symptoms?" "You STILL aren't better?" Well yes. That's how chronic illness works. There is no get well soon.

I know, the idea of permanency and not taking a magic pill to improve is hard to grasp.

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I suffer from severe hyperacusis and am working to raise awareness and advocacy towards a cure and recognition. Still trying to figure this site out, but I'm glad it's here.


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Hi, my name is Emmm. I’m new to The Mighty and am excited to connect!


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