Emily Hendricks

Born in 1986 with VACTERL, defied the odds to grow up and not only get married (to another VACTERL guy!) in 2011, but get a degree in journalism. Since fall 2019, I am the librarian at a residential facility for foster girls ages 12-19. I also love to write, read, crochet and binge random Netflix shows.
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PTSD Flare Up Due to Online Bullying

Without going into specific details, I’ve been bullied online over something totally ridiculous - next Friday I’m having surgery to fix some damage that happened during the procedure I had last month.

I am 33 years old, I have two bachelor’s degrees, I have two jobs, a ridiculously amazing husband.

Yet right now I’m having flashbacks to things I haven’t thought in years. One particular teacher was always very helpful and on guard to help me, I was lucky to have her in my corner. But school in general wasn’t great for me because I’m different and never looked like a typical kid/teen. I tried, but some things just can’t be hidden.

I was always told “it would get better.” And it did! Until I got targeted my some random person and now I’m a woman who is now in the trap of a bully. Now I feel like I’m in back in high school and of sucks. I know I’ll overcome it soon, because I have amazingly supportive friends who have taken up my cause.

I have a damn good life and I’m beyond happy. But I also complex PTSD, that just means I have two or more types of it. It’s been triggered and it sucks.

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How has the #COVID19 pandemic affected your healthcare?

I’m a writer who has a congenital birth condition that requires a lot of intervention to keeps me alive. I am putting together a series of articles together about how this virus is affecting people like us... Short supply of medical equipment, medications and all the limits you have to deal with. Whatever you say will be completely anonymous if you want it. #Vacterl #chronillness #TheDisabledLife

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2917 Days in the Making

<p>2917 Days in the Making</p>
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