I am a #communityleader at Mighty. I am a trained emotional listener and I have a learning disability. I am here to help others, when I can. I can offer emotional support and a listening eye/ear. I am a Certified Counselor. I got my certification in a counseling program, through SAMHSA. I am also trained as a Crisis and Recovery Counselor. I was trained through Vibrant Emotional Health. At Vibrant, I was trained in Psychological First Aide, Psychological Recovery and SAMHSA Just-In-Time. I am also Certified as a Bible and Pastoral Counselor. I was trained through Grace Online Bible School. I also have a Certificate in Bible Studies, from Dallas The Sem (Online) I have a doctorate. I have my doctorate in divinity. I am also an ordained Minister of the Holy Gospel.
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There once was a lady bug

There once was a Lady bug, who would make people laugh.

The Lady bug, would tell funny stories, to everyone.

One day, the lady bug, was not feeling well.

Oh no, lady bug is not well.

What should we do?

Call the doctor, said a bird.

No, said a dog.

Tell it a joke, said the children.

Yes, said the duck.

Knock knock, said the children.

Lady bug, who was not well, tried to have fun.

She said, in a week voice, who is there?

Bug said the children.

Bug who answered lady bug.

Bug said the children again.

Bug who lady bug said again.

Bug said the children, yet again.

Bug who said lady bug.

Lady bug, that is who, answered the children.

Very funny said lad bug.

The next day, lady bug was her old self, once again.

Lady bug thank the children, with there own collection, of what else lady bugs.

The end.

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Get help


Is not the answer. Think of all the people, who love you and will miss you.

Please get help.

If you have thoughts, please talk to a counselor, your Pastor, your teacher, or call 911 and ask for the Crisis Intervention Team or visit to chat with a trained crisis counselor.

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Please have a cup of tea. Tea is good for you. It is very relaxing. So have a cup today.

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#hi everyone

What’s your favorite nature relaxation videos so far and tell us your experiences when watching them or what others videos helps you too - mine favorite nature relaxation videos are the alps and Alaska and Canadian Rockies and Tahiti and Ireland bec I love mountains and water and beaches and beautiful scenery Bahamas would be great be of all the different colors of water enjoy 🦋🦋🦋🦋

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A group of conditions associated with the elevation or lowering of a person’s mood such as #Depression or #BipolarDisorder .

If your suffering from #Depression , or any #OtherMentalHealth condition or conditions, please talk to your doctor, and have them refer you, to a therapist for a #MentalHealth evaluation.

There are many different causes of #Depression .

No two people are a like.

So please do not compare your symptoms, with another.

It is ok, to offer moral support and empathy, but do not give advice or have them take, the same meds your taking.

What works for one person, may not work for another.

Please remember that.

#Depression is a life long illness, but with help it is manageable.

How is #Depression treated?

#Depression is treated by medication.

#Depression is treated by counseling and psychotherapy.

DBT and CBT are just two, of over 100 different therapies.

Also some use other methods to treat #Depression , such as Meditation, deep breathing, to name just a few.

What causes #Depression ?

The causes of #Depression , vary from person to person, and there lifestyle.

With that being said.

#Depression , can be caused by the weather, stress is a hug factor. The loss of a loved one. Jobless. Those are just a few of the causes.

If you want to learn more about #Depression , please type in #Depression , on your computer, I-phone, ect, and see what you find.

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Is it easier to handle grief in a “best-case scenario?”

<p>Is it easier to handle grief in a “best-case scenario?”</p>
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