Scotty Tandberg

I am a retired/disabled hubby to my dream girl. I have narcolepsy with catapexy, hypermobile ehlers danlos syndrome and more medical issues than I have room to list. I am a simple Wisconsin man that is learning to make the best out of the life i have. I became been disabled in 2020 and I am really struggling to accept my limitations. I always feel like a burden to my family and friends...infact most of my family and friends have abandoned me and no longer communicate with me or even acknowledge that I am alive.
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Am I on mute?

I have been taking to doctors for about 28 years TRYING desperately to get them to hear me. I have been fighting all of the pain and symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for 45 years. I don't know what else to do to get Doctors to HEAR ME!!! I have a family history of a rare genetic disorder and nobody is willing to refer me to a genetic counselor!!!! I am beyond MAD.... I am broken. I really need some suggestions on what to do... am I on mute??? Can anybody hear me????

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Mans best friend

<p>Mans best friend</p>
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You Are NOT A Burden!

<p>You Are NOT A Burden!</p>
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