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Bed day

Plans for today got cancelled. Oxygen stats dropped to 79 so upped the oxygen and got in bed 🥴

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Side effects of Gabapentin

I saw a post of someone talking about the side effects of Gabapentin. I researched it and some of the issues I'm having are related to it. Gotta find something else for the pain 🥴

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Bed day 🥴

So yesterday evening after family dinner I picked up my medications and got the shingles vaccine. Ouch 🙌🏾. My arm is hurting tody 🥴. I should be working and washing clothes. Not so - I'm in bed 🥴🧐

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a reminder: baby steps count, no matter how tiny <3

As someone who is at a stage of functional recovery from social anxiety and (possibly) avoidant personality disorder, I'm easily tempted to discount my progress in recovery, especially if it doesn't take the face/shape/form I expect to see. Plus, I'm impatient with myself in terms of progress/recovery, much as I hate to admit it 😬

It's been quite a journey (sometimes tiring, and honestly - pretty challenging), in no small part because the perfectionist tendencies are Strong, yo.

However, recently in a conversation with my psychiatrist, I was reminded not to discount what I'm doing (or able to do) with "just .. xxx" / [see: "appointment update x things I hate to admit sometimes," for greater detail]

It's been a stark reminder, and it isn't easy to change this mindset - but I'm thankful for friends who gently but constantly help me challenge my views about myself.

What about you - what's one thing you're constantly learning, or being reminded about, in the midst of your medical (or recovery) journey?

#SocialAnxiety #AvoidantPersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Selfesteem #CheckInWithMe

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