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Community Voices

Mental helth should be a priority in each societ

Today my best friend lost her mom to a long struggle with depression. A few weeks ago a high school child committed suicide. Two losses close to me in just a month. Makes me wonder how little emphasis is given to mental health. Reading the stories here also leads me to a similar conclusion.
I'm sad that people are not educated on how to deal with their own mental illness or the mental illness of people around them. Helath care systems don't function well in most countries. Societies generally don't value mental health nearly as much as it should be.
Let's just acknowledge that it should be a priority to all of us everywhere.
#MentalHealth #Depression #HealthCare #suffering

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Hi, my name is Sophgettings88. I’m new to The Mighty and am excited to connect! I came across this very randomly haha but I’m so glad as if it was meant to be! (As corny as that might sound 🤦‍♀️😂❤️ As I was searching up about info on IIHT (which I have.. and I’m struggling with if I’m honest.. and feel like I’m the only one! So hoping this group can help! Much love to you all x


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Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

<p>Happy Thanksgiving 🍁</p>
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Just venting.

I’m sorry to be me who’s asking to be read. I received my groceries, I was in kitchen doing this and that, always with noise cancelling headphones, and the door closed. Suddenly, the neighbor next door, in the floor, distance 1 meter between us, slammed the door. I got such a boo, I’m with tachycardia.
I don’t know how to make them know, don’t Slam door. I tried 3 or 4 times. I was mocked, and ignored.
I don’t know how to do it, I’m stressed and I suffer severe tinnitus, so headphones are not good to my ears. But I must. Can u imagine that noise, with mine? I would be in anxiety attack. No joking. An unexpected strong noise like this can make anxiety crisis.
They must be deaf or so insensitive, I can’t understand such evil. Think our balconies are closer, just 50cm.
I don’t need to say, how sad I feel. I like to say hi to people, they ignore me even if I am in my door. Yes, too tough to a HSP as me🥺. I try to cope everyday, this has to be lived. Thanks for allowing me venting, I have no one to talk.
All my love xx.


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I'm not here to date.....

I thought I would be clear on a mental health/ pain support app that we were here for support. Not dating...... Since it's not clear.... here you go for the peeps in the back. IM NOT HERE TO DATE OR GET HIT ON. Thank you but no thank you!

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Hi, my name is Cheese12. I’m new to The Mighty and am excited to connect!


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My Thanksgiving lesson
#chronic pain#Disability #Depression

November 1969 started out pretty good. I was 16. We were living in Europe, my grades were good, I had a wonderful boyfriend. Life was pretty good. Until it wasn't.
Right before Thanksgiving, my father passed away suddenly.
We ended up going to the states. I hated it. And my school and leaving my boyfriend and old life behind. I was 16 and felt like a stranger in a strange land.
My mother said were we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving like we always did. I couldn't believe it. What did I have to be thankful for ?
Well we all dressed up and went into the dining room. My mother said we'd keep our same tradition. Which was everyone holding hands and one by one saying something we were thankful for. As I listened, I began to realise that I could be thankful for even the smallest thing. When we had gone completely around the table, I felt the stress leave m and the hate that I had been carrying around since we moved to the states. I knew, as a family, that we would get thru this together. As long as we had gratitude in our hearts.

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