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Looking for people who have experienced Meniere's Disease to help me cope with feelings of hopelessness by providing answers on how to live with the maddening tinnitus ringing and loud noises 24/7 that have caused losing my hearing and the sudden, random Vertigo, Sweating, Vomiting attacks. How do you maneuver in a world of sound when you can't hear any conversations and everyone is wearing masks?? How do you survive the grief knowing you'll never hear Music, People's voices when they speak or sing beautifully, or anything in nature ever again??? Nobody else seems to understand what living in silence with any of this is really like.
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deaf, deafer, deafest

I have had great luck with homeopathy and no longer have attacks but my hearing continues to get worse and worse. Soon I won’t have any. does anyone understand this dynamic!

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For those of you on disability would you mind sharing your experience regarding the process?

I initially applied for disability a little over a year ago.. at that time I didn't have all of my illnesses diagnosed so I applied with the knowledge I had at that time. I updated Social Security with my new diagnoses but somehow it didn't get input properly and I received a denial this past October, with the option to file a request for reconsideration on the grounds that my full medical history hadn't been properly reviewed. Not long after that I retained a lawyer because I was told by multiple people including my father that that was the best option if I had any hope of my case being handled properly. Fast forward 3 months and there doesn't seem to be any progress. I've been sent a couple of different packets of paperwork that I had to complete and send back but everytime I try to get an update there seems to have been no progress made. Can some of you tell me about your experience going through the process? Did you receive any denials if so how many? (I keep hearing you'll get denied twice before they approve you 🤔) Also, what state do you live in? Did you use a lawyer or go it alone? How long did it take from your initial application to get approval? Did you receive any back pay? Is there any insight you can offer? Thanks 🥰 #InvisibleIllness #Disability #SocialSecurity #MenieresDisease #bilateralmenieresdisease #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #HearingLoss #HardOfHearing #Anxiety #Migraine

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Is there anyone in this group that has severe symptoms from meniere's disease who has had success from treatment ? If so, tell me more!! #MenieresD

<p>Is there anyone in this group that has severe symptoms from <a href="'s disease" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce9b00553f33fe99778d" data-name="meniere's disease" title="meniere's disease" target="_blank">meniere's disease</a> who has had success from treatment ? If so, tell me more!! <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="MenieresD" href="/topic/menieresd/" data-id="606618f07f8cdc00f21966f3" data-name="MenieresD" aria-label="hashtag MenieresD">#MenieresD</a> </p>
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When I say “I’m fine,” what I really mean is…

<p>When I say “I’m fine,” what I really mean is…</p>
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Hopeless finding help career change being deaf. Now this group is gone...PERFECT !

There's no solution or cure for what I came down with called Meniere's disease. It causes extremely loud Tinnitus and noise like there's a garbage truck outside your window, 24/7 as you gradually loose your hearing. During that process which usually takes years, you have repeated, random severe dizzy episodes or Roto Vertigo attacks that make you vomit continuously even after there's nothing left to throw up, and you sweat profusely, soaking all your clothes. This continues for hours or until you are so exhausted that you pass out. After 13 years of this living hell, now I'm nearly totally deaf and can't find anyone to guide me in the direction I'm supposed to go to change careers. There's nothing in today's world for someone who has recently gone totally deaf and happens to be White, Male, Straight, Single and 60 yrs. old.

I was feeling totally helpless before finally stumbling on to the Mighty. And this was the last resort for reaching out to a support group that might understand. But just my luck...There's nobody here to help either!! The group doesn't exist! I'm not surprised, just more discouraged. I'm screwed and exhausted fighting this nightmare. The best thing is that this final push probably helped prevent me from prolonging my suffering. Blessings in disguise! Hooray !! I can take a hint. I'm getting off this crappy rock. Good luck to you all!!

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Hi, my name is Mr Dan. I’m new to the Mighty and am hopeful to connect with others who can truly understand the dynamics of what I'm going through in general, but more specifically, as a 60 yr old, straight, white man. These days that's three huge strikes against me anyway, but makes it almost unbearable is that I've been diagnosed and "living" with Meniere's for about 16 years. The symptoms lessened from 2007 thru 2018 but the tinnitus was always there. In 2018 the symptoms returned with a vengeance and I began losing more of my hearing and balance, and now the frequency and severeness of vertigo "attacks" has increased . I've find it difficult for people to understand the disease and what it's like to be going totally deaf, but to make matters worse, what it feels like to a man who loses the ability to work or do almost anything because of Meniere's. Most support groups are populated by women (which is great for the compassionate and nurturing support), but understanding what it feels like to no longer be "The Man" who was able to fix almost anything but the crack of dawn, with precision and professionalism, as well as being able to keep the mechanical stuff in life running and well maintained. I used to always feel; useful, needed, and wanted. I've always been good at technical things, but this disease progression has gotten severely debilitating. It's very difficult to communicate with people especially with masks. At this point I'm just trying to cope, but in reality, I'm losing hope as this is removing more of my abilities to socialize and function normally.

Understandably, I'm finding less purpose in life every day.


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