I have uterine cancer and I am going for chemo and radiation. Every time I go for treatment things disappear. I am being driven insane. My daughter is the only other person living here. She denies ever knowing I had it. I know I am forgetful so I put everything back where I take it from. Thing are disappearing my mothers journal from the day I was born it had my time of birth and long I was , When I got my shots and the reaction I had, antique jewelry was placed in a baggy just days before it went missing, My cell phone was the same thing, my ham radio also went missing days after i saw it, even my favorite pot I use to make rice in disappeared I used it the night before. My stamp collection was moved to where I would never put it. Things are reappearing except the jewelry and journal. I know the answer I am going to get is to kick her out. But she can't live alone. She has a twisted spine that makes walking and standing nearly impossible.
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Dealing with Abandonment Issues

I was just told abandonment issues is something else that is causing problems in my life. This information has allowed me to dig deeper into who I am but I'm not sure what to do. I plan to do some research as well as focus on this in therapy but I'm wondering if anyone else has any tips. If you too deal with abonnement issues is there something you do or have done that helps you work through it or manage the symptoms?

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