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I want to share with you what I listened in a youtube video. Some wise words by Dr. Gabor Maté, psychologist, physician and author. I reccomend you go watch some videos.

TRAUMA, creates coping mechanisms.
When children are traumatized, one of the ways that they cope with it is to soothe themselves and then that's where the addictions come in, but another way to cope with it, is if you got the message that you're not good enough then you might spend the rest of your life trying to prove that you are. And how do you do that?
-By being very nice to everybody by never saying how you feel cause they might not like how you feel. By never expressing healthy anger when somebody's crossing your boundaries.”
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Toxic workplace

My job is getting so toxic, I can't decide if it would be worse for my career to stay until I get something better or to go on a medical leave, or just quit to start a tech support business which I was considering doing anyway. It's not the first time I've been in this situation, and I do have trauma from it. My anxiety is so severe. I'm terrified that the people I'm working with now will slander my name and prevent me from ever being employable anywhere else ever again. My wife and my 6 year old daughter have both told me that they miss the person I was before this job. I've been applying and interviewing for other positions every day, but I'm afraid that I'll be divorced or an alcoholic or in jail or dead by the time I get an offer. My wife and my daughter deserve so much better than the person I am right now. I'm only 37 and my blood pressure is way out of control and my doctor just doubled my medication for it.

Does someone want to talk to me? Virtual hug? Anything helps. I'm finding out that I never meant anything to so many people who meant so much to me. Abandonment is nothing to me anymore. I'm numb to it. My daughter is literally the only reason I'm alive right now. Her kindergarten graduation was today and I am so proud of her. She said that she wasn't even expecting me to be there. I felt happy for the 30 minutes of the graduation ceremony, but I felt like everyone was looking at me instead of the kids, and that my parents, my wife, and my in-laws didn't want me there. #Anxiety #Depression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #CPTSD

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I’m new here!

Hi lovely community, my name is Swiftdream as one of my favorite person is Taylor Swift. I'm here because I feel lost and bad because even though my professional career seems to be good I don’t seem to be grateful with what I already have and I’ve been years secretly struggling with an eating disorder that made me gain weight and become obsessed about how my body looks. My lack of confidence in myself and my compulsive bad habits make me follow a very unhealthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I’m currently obese and I only tell this things to my mum, which makes her suffer. I don’t feel ready yet to seek professional mental help. Somedays I feel better but somedays I’m not okay and this feeling is making me miserable. I feel ashamed of who I am and the problems I have.

#MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #EatingDisorder #bingeeatingdisorder

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