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Hi all. New here. A great friend of mine who lives with fibro led me here. I'm glad to see it is way more than just a website for that. I'm 37 years old and a type 2 diabetic. Not well controlled sadly. I also just learned my doctor believes I have fibro. I have very severe neuropathy in my feet and despite being on multiple medications, there hasn't been any relief. I'm in constant pain 24/7. I also deal with being very hard of hearing, and also suffer with severe depression and anxiety. It has been difficult to find people who understand. It's frustrating because when you have an internal illness, many people don't believe you suffer to the extent that you do. So honestly just looking for friends and be a friend to anyone who needs support.

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Hi I'm Tamar, 46 years old and mum of three kids. The days that I'm more depressed I find it difficult to take care of the kids as they are used to. Sometimes I'm less patient and that makes me feel guilty. They deserve the best version of me! How do you cope with this?

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