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Quitting smoking with depression

I quit smoking for a month and a half and then something stressful happened with a family member and I went and bought a pack. And another and another. I'm starting over tomorrow. I know smoking doesn't help with stress but my bipolar depression has become unmanageable most days and I guess it's a comfort/crutch. I keep telling myself I have things to live for and being healthy will ensure I'm alive for as long as possible. I'm feeling quite defeated today and would really appreciate some encouragement. #quittingsmoking #Smoking #NicotineDependence #Addiction #Bipolar1Disorder #Psychosis #Anxiety #Depression

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Chronic pain

What I don’t understand is why is there no help for people with chronic pain? There’s facilities you can go to if your an alcoholic or if you take illegal drugs you can get help and even pain medicine.There is no where you can go when you have chronic pain. All I hear is we have to get everyone off pain medicine but that’s not an option if you have chronic pain.

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