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Secrets of ‘Talkative’ People With Social Anxiety


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Secrets of ‘Talkative’ People With Social Anxiety

“I’m actually talking nonstop because I’m so nervous.”

“I feel like the moment I stop, people will completely lose interest in me — as if it’s the only thing I can offer.”

“I overanalyze every single conversation, every single word spoken to me or about me.”

“I wish other people understood that just because I’m good at social interaction does not in any way mean I don’t have social anxiety.”

“I’m not trying to be annoying, I just love when I can finally talk to someone and not be terrified.”

“Once I push myself out the door and get there, the acting kicks in and I’m OK as long as I stay ‘in character.’”

“Even though I seem outgoing, sometimes seemingly small things are too difficult and I just can’t do it.”

“I talk a lot and to a lot of people because I want to make people feel included.”

“I become like a broken record because I get so anxious about being misunderstood.”

“I wish people understood that sometimes I am in the mood to talk and sometimes I’m not.”

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