Our Team

Angelica Catalano

Director of Media Partnerships

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I’ve always tried to better understand invisible illness through everything from verse writing to academia. When art meets science, you get stories. The Mighty is the storytelling platform we need to understand each other’s disabilities.

Ashanthi de Silva

Rare Disease Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
Growing up, there was little opportunity to be a part of a community for my sisters and me with disabilities. It often felt like there was no one else who understood my family’s unique experiences. The Mighty has created a community where there once was none, and I’m excited to be a part of helping others feel connected and share their stories.

Ashley Kristoff

Video Producer

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I found The Mighty on an internship hunt while I was being treated for Thyroid Cancer and was actually getting Radioactive Iodine treatment the same day I got an interview. Between cancer, mental illnesses and rare chromosomal deletions, The Mighty hit close to my life experiences. I felt it was a sign that I found them shortly after my diagnosis and being able to do something I love while being able to help countless individuals sounded like the best thing in the world.

Benjamin Sherman

Director of Community Partnerships

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty to bring health nonprofits’ resources and volunteer opportunities to our powerfully engaged audience. When The Mighty readers find it easy to take action, millions get the help they need.

Brad Saunders

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I have been in healthcare marketing for a long time. The Mighty represented something truly unique to me, in the power of its storytelling, trust of its members, and above all authenticity. At some point in our lives we will all be affected by a health issue – an experience both daunting and isolating. The Mighty serves as a reminder to individuals that they are not alone. More than just a source of information, It is a community in the truest sense of the word. I joined the mighty to help marketers navigate and engage this new paradigm and ultimately improve lives.

Brendan Stepp

Senior Video Producer

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty because of the focus on empowering people to tell their own stories in their own voice. Stories help us start conversations that break down stigmas and taboos, and connect with others through shared experiences. The Mighty is building a community where people do this every day, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Carla Lohr

Community Manager

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty because I also believe in the power of community. I wanted to be part of the larger conversation, not just about my own disability, but the perception of disability as a whole. I grew up around able-bodied people. There were no other kids like me in my area. There were no other families that faced the same situations as ours. I was in my late 20’s before I had any friends with the same disability. It was so nice to have people who could relate in a way no one else had ever been able to before. This community provides that no matter what you are facing and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be part of that.

Chris Web


Why I Joined The Mighty:
I enjoy being a part of The Mighty, not only because of the rich content and welcoming atmosphere but also because of the unique technical challenges presented by such a highly user-driven community. Architecting the various features to allow our users to engage has forced me to think about web development from a different perspective. On top of all that, my team members are top-notch, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Crystal Hodges

Contributing Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
When people with medical conditions go out into the world, people often meet their condition before they meet them as a person. Instead of being greeted with a welcoming “hello”, they are often met with harsh comments and stares. But on The Mighty? They are always seen as a person first, and they get to tell their story in their own words. Every day, one story at a time, The Mighty is making a difference. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Daniel Graupensperger

Product Manager

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty to help build the world’s biggest and best online health community and I’m so proud that every day we are moving closer to our goals by providing a place for people to express themselves and be heard.

Deonne Grace Castaneda

Head of Experience

Why I Joined The Mighty:
The Mighty came to me when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It opened the door to a community that reminded me of many people in my life and of myself. We all struggle through health for so many reasons. And sometimes in that struggling, especially when we feel most alone, we just want to hear from someone who we believe really gets us. That’s one thing I love about The Mighty; it amplifies voices who surface barriers we can face in health. I joined The Mighty because I want to be part of breaking health barriers down — whether it’s through human connection, better information, social change, or something else entirely we have yet to create together.

Elizabeth Cassidy

News Intern

Why I Joined The Mighty:
When I came across The Mighty, I read stories that were similar to mine, and I didn’t feel so alone. I wanted to work for a company that’s more than just about information. There’s a connection to the community, and there’s a true impact behind the work.

Ellen Stumbo

Parenting Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
When my daughter was born with Down syndrome, I needed to connect with people who had walked the journey before me and who could offer me hope and encouragement. Now that my daughter is older I’m able to do that for others, but I’m just one voice. I joined The Mighty because I believe that by sharing stories we can share hope and encouragement for the journey. All of our voices. All of our stories.

Erin Migdol

Chronic Illness Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
Though you can find a website about nearly any topic imaginable these days, there aren’t many safe, welcoming places on the internet where writers (and readers) are encouraged to share their health challenges and triumphs in order to inspire others who are facing similar situations. The Mighty does, and that’s why I’m so proud to be a part of it.

Haley Quinn

Freelance Editorial Assistant

Why I Joined The Mighty:
When you’re struggling with mental illness and chronic illness (or any health issue for that matter), it can be easy to feel alone and hopeless — I definitely did. But that’s why I joined The Mighty. I wanted to help continue to build the community that made me feel supported and connected in the midst of so much darkness and hurt. I want people to feel hopeful, to remember they are loved and worthy and never alone, and that help is out there.

Jordan Davidson

News Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
When I started my career in media, if you wanted to learn about a health condition, your options were limited to something cold and clinical. The patient experience was almost non-existent from traditional health sites and other publications. I came across The Mighty and loved that the focus was person-oriented and community-based.

Juliette Virzi

Associate Mental Health Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty because I believe storytelling is a powerful tool in raising awareness about mental health. I am honored to help people in the mental health community share their stories, because everyone deserves to be heard.

Karin Willison

Disability Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I have experienced growth and healing from writing about and sharing my experiences as a person with a disability. I joined The Mighty to help empower others to share their stories and dispel societal prejudice against people with disabilities.

Kristian Spence

Social Media Intern

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I became a part of The Mighty family because The Mighty not only attacks the limiting ideals of disability, disease and mental illness perpetuated by media but presents a community for those of us who have struggled against these ideals to find help and peace, knowing that we are not alone. The Mighty is a sounding board for the over-comers and a billboard for those still learning to face their challenge. This means a lot to me as I have personally faced depression while attending college. As a member of this community, I believe I am a part of educating the world and supporting the fight to raise awareness.

Leigh Wasserman

Sr. Director of Strategy Development

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I have been following The Mighty since it started and have been moved and amazed by the authenticity and rawness of the stories. I wanted to work at a company that lets people tell their true stories, understands that each person’s health journey is different and offers resources to get them through their challenges.

Matt Sloan

Contributing Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty because I have seen first-hand how important it is for the stigmas surrounding mental illness to be broken; for the stigmatised to raise their voices and share their experiences. The Mighty combines my love for the written word with my desire to help others, particularly in the mental health community, and I am consistently floored by the strength and resilience of our contributors. It is an honour to be a part of that.

Megan Griffo


Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty because I believe storytelling can lead to real change, and I love the idea of a space where people feel safe and accepted in sharing their most personal stories. You can read why I left my last job to help launch The Mighty here.

Megan Strub


Why I Joined The Mighty:
We’re all affected by our health and the health of those we love. We all need not just information and treatment, but the human connection to better understand our condition, each other and ourselves. My experience in health engagement and helping marketers understand the best way to do that is part of what led me to The Mighty. The core of authenticity in The Mighty is more powerful than anything else.

Michael Mezzatesta

Chief of Staff

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty to help create a global health community. Living through health issues is core to being human — but it can be an isolating experience. It doesn’t need to be. We believe health is an opportunity for conversation and community, and it’s a privilege to work toward that goal with a group of people who care so deeply about it.

Mike Porath


Why I Joined The Mighty:
We created The Mighty to help people. We are working every day to make it the most powerful community in health. For me, building The Mighty was an opportunity to combine my professional experience in digital media and journalism with my personal experience parenting a child with a disability. I wrote about our “why” on the day we launched.

Sarah Porath

Human Resources

Why I Joined The Mighty:
We started The Mighty to help people. When our daughter was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder, other parents’ stories of their experiences and journeys helped us more than any medical journal. We wanted to create a community where people could come together through their shared stories and know they aren’t alone.

Miranda Ma

Partnerships Intern

Why I Joined The Mighty:
As someone suffering with a mental illness myself, The Mighty has been a safe haven. When mental illness has its low points, it’s nice to be part of a community that understands. I joined The Mighty to get a better sense of the needs of those with mental illness and disabilities within the community. In the future, I hope to use what I’ve learned at The Mighty to develop useful assistive technologies to better help this community.

Paige Wyant

Associate Chronic Illness Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
As a child with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease, my parents spent countless hours searching for answers and advice online, only to find clinical lists of symptoms. I joined The Mighty because I believe in the power of storytelling as a way to spread compassion, understanding and awareness and help us all feel less alone in our battles. I know this incredible community has the potential to make huge changes in how we perceive and relate to others affected by illness or disability.

Peter Wang


Why I Joined The Mighty:
I want to make this world better for my children and my future self. Witnessing Parkinson’s impact on two generations before me made me realize how inadequate the system is, and that the lifelong pursuit of health and wellbeing isn’t the work of one–it’s the work of a community. I want to create a place where we are heard, where we share knowledge, where we help one another in that pursuit, and that place is The Mighty.

Sandeep Chayapathi

VP of Engineering

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty so I could help others in a meaningful way. Having gone through a surgery for a spinal-cord tumor has given me a first hand experience on the toll it takes not only on the person but also on the caretaker (often the partner/parent). The Mighty gives me an opportunity to make a positive impact on creating awareness, building a community where people find comfort and strength in sharing their stories and experiences.

Sarah Schuster

Mental Health Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty because I know what it’s like to feel like no one understands or cares about what’s going on in your head. I started as a writer, and now it’s an honor to help people in the mental health community share their own stories.

Thiago Macedo


Why I Joined The Mighty:
For me, joining The Mighty was like answering a call. Besides its great name (we’re all “Mighties”), the purpose of the community is so clear and strong. Knowing the team and the projects we’re envisioning makes me believe that more communities can learn from the work we are doing. That’s exciting, and I strongly believe my efforts and time are worthwhile.

Trish Broome

Cancer Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
When my father told me that he had stage IV lung cancer in July 2016, first I felt shock, and then I felt helpless. I wanted to save him from the diagnosis, but there was nothing I could do, so he passed away on August 27, 2016. To know that I can connect with people who have similar experiences with cancer, and to get an opportunity to help people find comfort and strength through a cancer diagnosis, is why I joined The Mighty. The power of community, regardless of illness or condition, is a beautiful thing.

Vicki Santillano

Senior Editor

Why I Joined The Mighty:
I joined The Mighty to help people connect and share with one another about topics that are too often misunderstood or not talked about enough. Reading a story and thinking, “Me too,” or writing a story that inspires that feeling in others, can mean so much and make such a difference in people’s lives.


Office Dog

Why I Joined The Mighty: