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July Blogging Prompts
**These are just ideas if you’re looking for some writing inspiration.
We accept submissions within all topics!**

  • What’s a part of your condition you live with every day that others might not see? Explain what that experience feels like.

  • Describe a moment at work that was either incredibly challenging or where you faced adversity. Tell us how you handled it or wish you had handled it. If you are unable to work, tell us one thing you wish others understood about your situation.

  • Are you part of a minority community and have a disability, disease or mental illness? Share your experiences as someone with your condition in your racial, ethnic or cultural group.

  • What is a barrier in everyday life that makes having a diagnosis more challenging than it should be? Tell us a solution.

Thank you for sharing your story with The Mighty! We’re humbled to have you with us.