Mighty Contributor FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about The Mighty’s contributor network. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, feel free to email us at [email protected]

How do I become a Mighty contributor?

Once our editorial team has accepted your first submission, you become a Mighty contributor! 

To submit your story for the first time, head here

Already a contributor? You can submit again here

Are there paid opportunities for Mighty contributors? 

Right now, we do not offer compensation for general submissions. However, as part of our Super Contributor program, contributors get regular paid opportunities! 

If you’re a professional writer or editor with experience in the disability, chronic illness or mental health community, check out our jobs page, which will be updated as opportunities arise.

Why can’t you edit and publish every story that’s submitted? 

We have a small (but mighty) team of editors who each bring personal experiences with various disabilities and conditions. Because of our current size, we are not able to edit every story we receive. That’s why if we can’t edit your story, we may post it on your profile as a “Mighty Thought” so our community can still read and comment on it. 

Once my first story is accepted, does that mean all my stories will automatically be accepted as well?

No, even after your first story is accepted, we still review on a story to story basis.

Can I pitch my story idea to a Mighty editor before I submit?

While you can run a story idea by an editor by reaching out to [email protected], we can’t approve a story to be published before it is submitted. Stories can only be officially accepted once they are submitted. 

Is there a word count for Mighty submissions? 

Although we don’t have an official word count, Mighty stories typically run between 400-800 words. Due to our capacity, we prefer stories that are under 2,000 words with few exceptions, and won’t be able to publish stories that go far beyond word count.  

Can I submit a picture along with my story? 

Yes! We love when contributors include personal photos with their story, but please do not send us a stock photo, and only send photos you have permission to share. We prefer featuring photos that relate to the story and humanize health conditions and disabilities.

If you do include a photo, make sure it’s at least 1280 px width x 800 height and high quality. We won’t be able to feature photos that are too small. Please make sure if you’re sharing a photo that includes someone else, that person has given their consent.

What if I want to submit my story but don’t want to use my real name? 

We understand the world isn’t always a “stigma-free” place when it comes to writing about your own health condition or disability. That’s why we completely understand when Mighty contributors aren’t comfortable using their real names. 

Instead, many Mighty contributors use a variation of their real name (for example: middle name, last initial). Others choose to write under a pseudonym. If that’s your preference, we do ask that your pseudonym sounds like a name and not a username. You can change your name after your story is published, but please make sure it adheres to these guidelines. 

How long does it take to get my story published on The Mighty? 

It can take up to a week for your story to get reviewed by a Mighty editor and then up to a month for it to be published. If your story is timely, you’ll be able to mark it as such during the submission process. 

We’re continually trying to make our publication process faster, so we always appreciate your patience. If you’ve been waiting longer than a month and want to check in on your story, feel free to email [email protected].

What if the story I submitted originally appeared on my blog or another website?

That’s totally fine – it can still be published on The Mighty. Make sure you include a link to your blog when you submit, and we’ll credit it at the end of your piece. If your piece appeared on another website, make sure you have permission from that website, and let us know that you have permission. 

Can I publish my story elsewhere after it’s published on The Mighty? 

Yes. As a Mighty contributor, you own the rights to all of the stories you publish on The Mighty. We do ask if you use the version of your story that has been edited by a Mighty editor, you credit that it originally appeared on our site. As a note, not every publication allows previously published work, so always double check it’s OK that your story appeared on our site. 

Do you accept poetry or fiction?

Right now, we only publish first-person nonfiction essays and blogs. But, we encourage you to post poetry directly to our site using the hashtag #MightyPoets. You can also post your fiction stories as Thoughts. 

Can I include links to other sites (like my blog) in my Mighty story?

We’re more than happy to link to your blog at the end of your story, not don’t allow affiliate links or dofollow links in the copy of Mighty stories. If you’re trying to promote a book or a small business, feel free to leave that information in the submissions notes, and we’ll be sure to include that information at the bottom of your story.

Can I use The Mighty to promote my business?

We’re happy to publish stories that introduce our community to independently owned businesses, especially those owned by community members with disabilities, chronic illnesses and mental illnesses. That being said, we don’t publish press releases or overly promotional stories. If you’re a business owner, tell the story of your business from the perspective of someone who lives with a health condition or disability, and include takeaways or a message that could benefit our whole community. If your story has a strong message, we’re happy to link back to your business at the end. We don’t allow any business to publish under their business name. We make exceptions for certain nonprofits we work with closely. 

If you’re part of a larger company who wants to use The Mighty to promote your brand, you might be better suited connecting with our revenue team: [email protected]

What if I want to take down my story after it’s published?

We understand that life happens, and for one reason or another, you might want your stories taken down from The Mighty. Because you still own what you publish with The Mighty, this is a viable option, but we do ask that you consider first: changing your name to make the piece anonymous (if it’s a privacy concern) or adjusting the piece so you’re more comfortable having it up. 

Contact [email protected] to explore your options. 

What if I have changes I need to make after the story is published?

If you need to make a change to your story after it’s published, please let us know within 24 hours of your story being published. Contact [email protected] and we’ll assist you! 

Why did you change my headline? 

If we changed the headline of your submission, you’re not alone! Our editors typically change headlines on stories to maximize their potential both on social and for search. We want people to read your stories, so we do our best to create interesting and engaging headlines that still respect your story. 

I’m having technical difficulties submitting my story. What do I do? 

Oh no! Email [email protected] about any technical difficulties you run into while submitting your story. 

Thank you so much for being here! For any general inquiries about the contributor network, or to ask a question about a story you submitted, email: [email protected]