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The Beginning

Once, five years ago
I heard two voices
They were the divine feminine and divine masculine
Also the government
When they clicked their mouses and typed on their keyboards
And shouted that I’m the president
I heard my old psychiatrist, too
We had deep intellectual conversations
He was my guide, too
Within the crowded air
Offshoots of male and female sung “Happy, Happy Birthday”
And poked at my throat
At the invisible rectangular table
Their presences in their particular chairs
Pulling my abdomen
While all alone to another’s perception
I thought I unlocked a level of spirituality
But I could not get to the next. #Schizophrenia #MentalHealth #MightyPoets #Psychosis

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Ode to My Cruel Master

I was inspired by how much my previous poem, seemed to inspire many of you, The Mighty. It got me thinking about chronic pain and it’s ability to alter our lives. I offer this poem to all the chronic pain warriors… I hear your silent screams, and I see the darkness that shrouds your everyday life 🫶

Pain is impatient, pain is cruel, and unkind.
Boasting of its grip, its reckless pride intertwined.
In its shadows, the world is reshaped, redesigned,
A constant echo, always there, unrefined.

Delighting in the shadows of evil's cast,
Pain’s truth is cruelty, stark and clear.
Attacking, betraying, fostering fear,
Its grip lingers over memories of a peaceful past.

In the depths of its ceaseless cruel dance,
Moments once joyful are stripped of their chance.
Pain lingers, persistent, in every glance,
A silent scream, a stifling expanse.

Pain’s lens, renders the body estranged,
Once a sanctuary, now forever changed.
Fear, mistrust, and memories deranged,
In its grasp, life’s many joys are rearranged.

Yet within the storm, a flicker remains,
Not of love, but of strength, unchained.
For each day faced, and every battle gained,
Is testament to the warrior’s spirit—unstrained.

The world may darken, colours slowly fade to gray,
Yet the will to endure keeps the abyss at bay.
For within the prone sufferer, light finds a way,
A beacon of hope, that pain cannot sway.

In this piercing realm of unrelenting strife,
The chronicle of pain is more than just life.
It is a testimony of resilience: to face the knife,
And finding a way within, the strength to survive.

Image: Francisco Goya, Self Portrait With his Doctor

#ChronicPain #Arthritis #RheumatoidArthritis #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Fibromyalgia #MyCondition #MightyPoets #MightyTogether #AnkylosingSpondylitis #BackPain #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Endometriosis #InterstitialCystitis #Lupus #Migraine

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Perhaps #Grief #MentalHealth #MightyPoets #MightyTogether #PTSD

What happened to us
aren’t meant to linger nor stay forever
The traumas run so deep seem impossible to uncover
The terrors trapped and bound us like heavy chains
One day we shall break free from restraints

Beating ourselves up for not having known better
It’s not our fault we want to feel safe instead of coping as survivors
Everything we went through robbed us blind of our inner power
the very foundation of strength we all need in life to try and cope better

Those years and tears of hurt and blame
The unjust punishments, the inability to even explain
Made us so damn brave as well as so utterly bitter
Left us with nothing but anxiety depression and anger

Oh imma do me one better…

If we could talk to our lost inner child
Comfort and kind, say oh things will be fine
For the dangers now have been left in the past
We can choose to finally set ourselves free at last
Through the hailstorm and wildfires we have marched
Here we are healing scars trying to pave our new paths

After all these times battling with demons
We can now look up at the shining beacon
And perhaps we will never say perhaps again
Because we know now how to endure and live with our pain


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I Want An Illness That Is Understood

I don’t know about you, but I really want an illness that is understood,
I want a magic pill, a few months of treatment—then gone for good.
I’m tired of being judged by people who have recovered from cancer,
While I try to struggle on with my shattered life with no answer.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all the unsolicited advice,
A little sympathy and some compassion would be very nice.
I’m tired of the ‘me too’, ‘have you tried’, and ‘my friend had that’ banter,
It leaves me feeling cold, as if I have been feasted on by a vampire.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of living in in a world of produce,
Where my worth as a person is measured by my physical use.
For we all have our battles, and I yearn for a world that truly sees,
Not just the sickness, but the strength that lies beneath my knees.

I don’t know about you, but I seek solace in whispered winds,
In the soft murmur of trees and the songs that nature brings.
For amidst the incomprehension, the world still holds some beauty,
There’s peace in the silent understanding, these simple acts of duty.

Yet, my pain is valid, as is the hope that tomorrow might be bright,
That someday, the world will recognise my silent plight.
But until that day comes, in this mire I will continue to stand,
Drawing strength from within; comfort from holding my own hand.

#MightyPoets #MyCondition #ChronicIllness #ChronicFatigue #ChronicPain #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #Hyperthyroidism #HashimotosThyroiditis #Fibromyalgia #DistractMe #MightyTogether

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The Remnants

#Grief #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #MightyPoets #MightyTogether

I’m not so sure of this piece as I spent my painsomnia time trying to make sense of it. It’s where my brain is at pretty dull. I’m posting anyway tho. Forgive the word choice or grammar. Not a native speaker here. Open to constructive criticism :)

Searching sifting through where memories reside
The mind, the heart, this temporary vessel, the soul eventually depart
fragments of who we are disperse into dust stars
distancing the near and the far
The living breathes mourning the heart no longer beats

Our remnants of memories are ties binding us to anything we wish everlasting
Intertwining the present where we clench in our clasps

The ticking of time always moving forward
Only now and then we can pause for glimpses of the past

Aim of an arrow pulling back the string, hauling, propelling
extending forth to future of hopes and dreams

What once was cherished diminished amidst tears
Our hopes and faiths, our terrors and fears
Buried amidst the memories of spiritual sphere
Will our souls be lost and emptied
If there exists no remnants of memories

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~poems by k.e.~there once was a girl who thought she was in love~2022~

There once was a girl who thought she was in love
she felt like no one could ever be above
she couldn’t sleep without saying goodnight
they would have cute little ‘fights’
his house felt like home
his brothers like her own
her life seemed full once again
and she didn’t know what would happen if it were to end

There once was a girl who thought she was in love
but her brain started overthinking, was he really the one?
after all those years it didn’t feel right
to just be someone else’s after one night
she wanted it to be him everything was amazing
but her memory of the other wasn’t erasing
but he was so good, so perfect, so sweet
maybe she just didn’t think
think she was enough, for him, for herself
maybe it’s because she was wanting him to be someone else… #MightyPoets #MentalHealth


~poems by k.e.~there once was a girl who cared too much~2021~

There once was a girl who cared too much
she was too happy and loved too quick
now to think about it just makes her sick
she’d give too many chances
say yes to any dances

There once was a girl who cared too much
and in the end it’s what broke her
she cared about everyone
just wanted to be perfect for the one
the one who’d sweep her off her feet
make her life turn into a dream
but that was a false reality
the truth is they would use her vulnerability
they used it against her
she didn’t realize until it was too late
until she’d already thought about going on dates
until she’d already planned a future
one that’d be beautiful

There once was a girl who cared to much
but she wished she didn’t give a f**k
wished she could stop caring
stop loving
wished she could see the red flags
could save herself before it became bad
but that’s not who she is
she was born to be used
born to be their toy
to be manipulated by boys
but it wasn’t just the guys
even some of her friendships were lies

There once was a girl who cared too much
and now the smallest thing sets her off
her best friend left her
for a stranger
their relationship?
gone and can’t be fixed
her other half?
now his, it’s now her past
she wants it back
but she may as well pack
pack all of her things away
because it will never be the same

There once was a girl who cared too much
but now she knows not to trust
not to love, not as easily
she won’t come up with those false realities
she has grounded herself, for good
and now she will conquer the world…
#MightyPoets #MentalHealth


~poems by k.e.~there once was a girl who had it all~2021~

There once was a girl who had it all

she never seemed to fall

she was friends with many

didn't have to spend a penny

There once was a girl who had it all

she had all the love in the world

they all loved that girl

she had her best friends

they would call over the weekends

There once was a girl who had it all

but that all ended after one call

her life was perfect, then suddenly it ended

as quickly as he came, he took over

everything she once knew? brushed over a shoulder

there was a new twist, a new turn

he took her best friend before she could learn

learn to stay, learn to love

she wanted to be someone

but by then it was too late

she was taking him on dates

what once was hers was his

she had it all until he took her friends

There once was a girl who had it all

but it fell apart during the fall

they started dating, and she was fading

she wasn't needed, so she completely faded

they talk in school but it wasn't enough

she really wished that she didn't give up

but she couldn't take it anymore

she was so close to the door

There once was a girl who had it all

but her best friend was lost during the fall

she needed her now more than ever

but she can't have her, not when they're together...#MightyPoets #MentalHealth

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~poems by k.e.~ There once was a girl who was fine~2021~

There once was a girl who was fine

she smiled all of the time

she'd call her friends, no one was different

they'd hang out on the weekends

none of them wanted it to end

There once was a girl who was fine

she'd read or dance to pass time

she'd go downstairs without thinking twice

she'd go shopping and not care about the size

There once was a girl who was fine

but she smiled only most of the time

she'd push it away, bottle it up

she'd walk around like she didn't give a f**k

but deep down is where it really is

in a bottle, in a box, is where it lives

the pain, the sorrow

she keeps it hidden so they don't know tomorrow

There once was a girl who was fine

but that in itself wad a lie

it all came up in waves

she'd be happy then sad for days

she didn't know how to handle it, the urge the shakes

so she took it out on herself, made it go away

she'd cut, she'd smile, she'd not eat for days

because if she took it out in other ways

then the pain wasn't there as much

she could brush it off, take a shower

and could go to bed at a decent hour

There once was a girl that was fine

but they didn't realize she was so close to the line...#MightyPoets #MentalHealth

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