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    My Broken Wing

    My Broken Wing

    Here’s the thing

    we’re all born with two wings

    some we lose along the way

    some stay on and allow you to fly away

    what if you lose one or both they say?

    you fall into a darkness that’s hard to pray and you try to pull yourself out from the foray some will make it, for you I pray

    i lost a wing along the way

    the other is broken but it’s okay

    it’s holding on with a band aide

    with hopes that the light within will not fade

    it’s a crazy thing, life’s parade

    sometimes it feels like a giant masquerade

    where everyone’s floundering or playing a charade

    for me, with one broken wing

    i try each day to cling to the glimmer of hope and light I pray that i will be alright, okay

    some may think i’m weak and bad

    but we’re born as we are, and we can’t feel sad we try to fly out from the darkness as best we can so we may be better than how it began

    my broken wing, band aided on

    you lift me up when i’m not strong

    it’s a battle within you see

    with a tiny voice who is trying to be free and solace she finds while at the sea

    water and sunlight are her nectars of life they help shut out all the strife

    her little wing flies as well as she can with hopes that they’ll love her even with her deep pain

    which some may say is all in vain little wing, little wing, please shine on

    may those she cares for look upon

    her struggles and triumphs, her willingness to try even though with one broken wing, it’s hard to fly.

    by A.E. Palmer May 14, 2022


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    Around me Joyful colors flow.
    Whenever wild winds, swirl and flow.
    Blossoming spring flowers.
    Gossiping for hours.
    I am feeling psychedelic.
    Even though I am domestic.




    I just wrote this verse today.
    It was from a very vivid dream, I had many years ago, about a sentinel, on an ancient wall.
    I might revise it again.?
    So far, I’m satisfied with it..
    (My daughter has HER2 Triple Positive Breast Cancer)#Poetry #MightyPoets #Therapy #ArtTherapy #InvisibleIllness #Cancer

    The warrior stood on the ancient wall brought down through time, and built by her ancestors…
    A warrior, a sentinel, she surveyed all the village within the wall, and the countryside..
    The wall had seen the days, eons before, a rampart, a fortress to behold..
    In the distance, the enemy was advancing..
    The warrior let out a clear yet piercing cry,
    desperately trying to give word to the village below, that the enemy was approaching..
    The warrior wondered for a brief instant about the villagers below, about her loved ones, about her home, about those not directly involved in the fray..
    It seemed as though they could not hear her war cries, but they could…
    Time seemed to stand still, yet it was fleeting, advancing ever forward. Between the cannon fire and the palleted silence, the cries were heard..
    The warrior tried in vain to shore up the wall, as the battle was advancing, still ever progressing. Despite occasional cease fires, it was there..
    There are no winners in war, and what remains?
    The ravaged wall, the village, the countryside, all ruin, the reverberations of past memories…

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    A grief poetry book with writing prompts to help others navigating seasons of loss.

    I wrote this book chronicling what life was like in the year following my Dad’s death. It’s my hope that the poems will make others feel less alone in their pain and that the writing prompts might be helpful tools to process some of your own experiences.


    #Grief #MightyPoets




    I am just a whisper, one nobody is willing to hear,

    Just a terrified whisper in great need of an ear,

    Reluctant words that are too afraid to come out,

    A wariness overwhelming me with so much doubt,

    I must not believe that voice inside my head,

    The one often telling me I’m far better dead,

    Better for me, better for all, and that includes you,

    I don’t always know where to turn, or what to do,

    Where do you go when desperate for a friend?

    Right when your death seems easy to portend,

    I’ve never known anything darker and more silent,

    I’ve never known something so peaceful, yet violent,

    I am just a whisper, one so many don’t want to hear,

    Just a terrified whisper in great need of an ear…


    #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #Addiction #Suicide #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether #Diabetes #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain


    I Don’t Know How

    Everyone says you have to learn to love yourself first before you can love other people
    But I don’t know how
    Society teaches us our ABC’s
    But they don’t teach us what it means to say “I love me”
    I can say “I love you” to my reflection a million times over
    But I don’t I truly believe it
    What does it even mean to love oneself?
    How do I achieve it?
    These questions plague my mind out of desperation
    I want to love me
    But I don’t know how….
    #MightyPoets #MightyQuestions #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #PersonalityDisorders #MentalHealth


    A poem for those sleepless nights #MightyPoets #Anxiety #Depression #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #PTSD

    Little scrapes, cuts, and bruises and burns
    Little invisible marks that trace the lines of my mistakes
    I feel you curling under my skin
    It keeps me awake
    Reminding me of all the ways I’ve faltered
    And all the pain I can’t seem to heal
    I do not forgive her
    But I should.

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    I gave them voice
    Those thoughts that hurt me
    Those memories that froze me
    I made them real

    I learned to speak
    Of the chains that bound me
    Of the dreams that haunted me
    I found my strength

    I took a stand
    The walls can’t hold me
    The walls will hear me
    I will roar my truth

    I found my hope
    To love who I was then
    To love who I’m becoming
    I am finally free

    #MightyPoets #PTSD #BipolarDepression #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder

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    She’s fragile they say
    When I’m sick
    What does that mean anyway
    Here I sit
    Alone every day
    Who wouldn’t be sad
    Under these circumstances?
    Is it a game people play
    Or just life with its chances
    Mine turned out wrong
    It isn’t one I wanted
    I want to bang a gong
    Get a new set of circumstances
    But it doesn’t work that way
    So they tell me
    The same they who
    Abandon and neglect me
    Insist that I can’t do
    Things I’m sure I could
    If I’d been given the chance
    From the get go
    But no
    I’m sick
    So I sit
    Fragile they say
    Like a bomb
    Hear me tick?

    #Depression #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ChronicIllness #Disability #Psychosis #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #MightyPoets #CheckInWithMe

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    Tonight I light every candle

    Tonight I light every candle

    For in five and a little less than half hours
    Ten years will have passed
    Since half my mind
    Left half my body
    And a new life began


    /Never once was I ever left alone/

    So on April the 25th
    On my brother’s birthday
    The day Grandma Adams died

    At 4:25am
    When the hemiplegia set in

    This anniversary I’ll celebrate
    the faithfulness of forests
    Breath in lungs
    Songs in trees

    For every time they drove me
    Just to feel the breeze

    And the water flow beneath my feet

    The poetic irony here being, migraine destroys all my attempts at returning such faithfulness. I only can depend on pain returning, but know not when or where, it’s duration, or intensity. For those who were strained beyond what their unyielding plans could bear, we have loved through heart emojis sent less and less often until obsolete. Those never truly lost, but faded like flash fire I still hold dear. Still find tooth-filled smiles in rooms only my heart can embrace. I miss their arms. They do not miss mine, for they do not think of me. To bothered by my broken promises and freed by the cut ties of friendship. I love them like stars without heat.

    New friends, I struggle here to make.
    Flames quick to light never last. I feel like, wet wood. Hilarious, waterlogged and drought cracked in the same being. Of course, I would. I am always two. Never not been.

    But this is not about me
    This anniversary.

    This is to all who drove five hundred miles
    Slept under new roofs
    Ate dust
    Swam in sulfur

    Plastered and mortar
    Those who made a house
    into the best home it could be,
    tried to bring I back to me
    Those who went into the pines
    dropped dead juniper to heat
    our water through winter

    Sisters who don’t share DNA
    Calling me out
    Across mountains
    Still believing
    There was something
    Worth receiving

    Those who remember
    I have a heart ever-breaking
    Not just a head
    But a soul resurfacing

    I’m not dead yet
    Though they said I would be
    A decade it’s been
    I’m grateful to thee

    #ChronicIllness #HemiplegicMigraine #Migraine #MightyPoets