Contributor FAQ

Your Guide to Using Our Mighty Voices Portal 

Welcome to our Mighty Voices Portal (MVP)!
This will offer more details about the submissions process, which will evolve as we develop MVP over time.

When you first sign in to MVP, you’re taken to your personal dashboard, where you can access the following:

  • My Profile: home to your bio, social media sites, topics you write about, etc.
  • My Stories: list of your stories, categorized by Published, Pending (submitted to The Mighty for editorial consideration), Drafts (stories you’re working on) and Other Stories (stories that haven’t been published).
  • Start a New Story: this is where you upload your story!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens once I submit a story?
You will receive an automated email explaining that your story is in editorial review.

What if an editor wants me to add more to the story, or what if I want to make changes after I submit?
Email an editor at and we can put the story back into your Other Stories folder, where you can make edits and resubmit.

What if The Mighty decides not to publish my story?
It will be put in your Other Stories page, where you can access it at any time.

What are some ways to take better pictures for my story?
We’ve created a set of easy to follow guidelines that will help you take better pictures. Click here to read them!

If you have any other questions, email We look forward to reading your stories!