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August Blogging Prompts
**These are just ideas if you’re looking for some writing inspiration.
We accept submissions within all topics!**

1. What is a photo related to your or a loved one’s condition that you’ve wanted to post publicly but haven’t? What is the story behind it and how does it feel to share it now? NOTE: If you are sharing a photograph of someone else, we will need this person’s permission to post.

2. Write a letter to parents with advice for how to explain your or a loved one’s condition to their children. What should a child know or try to understand about your life, and how could an adult best teach them this?

3. What is a physical symptom you didn’t realize your mental health condition could cause? Describe what it feels like and how you cope with it.


What is a mental symptom you didn’t realize your physical health condition could cause? Describe what it feels like and how you cope with it.

4. Create a list of advice you would give a student with your condition as they enter the school year. Pick any grade!


Create a list with tips for teachers who want to understand how best to help a student like you or your loved one. What can they do to accommodate you and set you up for success?

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