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April Blogging Prompts
**These are just ideas if you’re looking for some writing inspiration.
We accept submissions within all topics!**

1. How would you explain your condition or a part of your condition — with a drawing? We know you’re writers, but sometimes making a quick and simple visual can help explain complex things. Submit a sketch, graphic, photo — anything visual — along with a post that further explains what others don’t understand about this and why you choose to draw it this way. You do not have to be an artist to try this. In fact, we’d encourage you “non-artists” to join in.

Here are some a great examples:

The Anxiety Chart I Made to Help Others Understand Anxiety

Comic Redesigns Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes

2. Have you ever gotten a text that was exactly what you needed to hear while dealing with a health condition? What did it say, and why was it meaningful? If you have a screenshot of it, please include it.

3. Is there a part of your condition you deal with that others with your condition, for whatever reason, do not relate with or experience? Tell us about it. (Maybe we can find a reader who’s going through it too!)

4. Spring is here! Many of us love this time of year — others, not so much. How does springtime affect your or your loved one’s condition, for better or for worse?

5. So many of our conditions also affect our mental health. If you relate, describe a moment you realized your mental health was affected by your condition. Why does this moment stick out to you, and, if your mental health is negatively affected, how do you cope?

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