How to Share Your Story on The Mighty

Welcome to The Mighty’s community! We’re so happy you’re interested in sharing your story with us.

Right now, there are two ways you can post to The Mighty:

1. Post a Thought or Question.

Thoughts are the easiest and quickest way to share daily struggles, triumphs and updates with our community. They can be shorter musings, lists or even longer blog posts – whatever you want them to be.

Post a Question to receive advice from your fellow Mighty members. Ask a question about your disability, condition or anything else that’s on your mind, and get wisdom from people with lived experience.

When you post a Thought or Question, include hashtags so your post shows up in communities that matter to you. You can include condition-specific hashtags (#anxiety, #autism, #fibromyalgia, etc.) and more general community hashtags. Check out some of our most engaged communities below:

  • #CheckInWithMe: A place where people seek and give support.
  • #52SmallThings: The Mighty’s year-long self-care challenge.
  • #MightyPoets: Share your poetry and read the work of others. Check out this month’s poetry prompt here.
  • #CheerMeOn: A place to celebrate accomplishments, milestones and wins – no matter how big or small – with others who understand their importance.
  • #DistractMe: While we can’t always take away the pain or discomfort, we can distract each other until it passes or feels more manageable. This is a space for anyone who just needs something or someone to take your mind off whatever they’re going through.

You can post a Thought or Question right now by downloading The Mighty’s iOS app. If you want, you’ll receive notifications when people “heart” or comment on what you shared. When you use our app, you can also include a photo with your post.

For more about how to post a Thought or Question on The Mighty, head here.

2. Submit your story to an editor and become a Mighty contributor.

Contributor Stories are essays that are selected and published by Mighty editors. Unlike a Thought, Contributor Stories go through a submissions process, and it can take a few days for us to review your story.

Right now, we don’t have the capacity to edit every submission we receive, so if we can’t edit your submission, it will be automatically posted as a Mighty Thought. You’ll get an email if this happens, and you can always delete it.

If your story is selected, it will be copy-edited for clarity and according to our editorial guidelines.

We currently do not offer compensation for general submissions. However, we do occasionally have paid opportunities for Mighty contributors.

It can sometimes take up to a month for submissions to be published on our site, so we appreciate your patience! We are continually working to make our publishing process faster, and you’ll get an email when your story is up. You’ll also get an email if we end up sharing your story on one of our Facebook pages!

If you are a returning contributor, click here to go to your portal.

If you’re submitting your story for the first time, sign up to submit your story here. But first, check out our editorial guidelines.

If your story is published on our site, it may be republished in full with your byline on a reputable Mighty partner site, such as MSN or Yahoo. Once republished on a partner site, Mighty moderation standards do not apply and the piece cannot be removed from the partner site.

While you can read and comment on stories on The Mighty’s iOS app, you can’t submit a story through our app right now.

Still have questions? Head here to read our Mighty Contributor FAQs.

Thanks again for choosing to share your story with us! If you need some inspiration, check out this month’s writing prompts below.

July Writing Prompts
**These are just ideas if you’re looking for some writing inspiration.
We accept submissions within all topics!**

July Writing Prompts

1. July is Minority Mental Health Month, and we want to hear your stories. How does being a minority affect your mental health? What specific stigmas do you face in your community, and what misconceptions do you want to bust? Examples: What ‘High-Functioning’ Anxiety Feels Like When You’re a Racial MinorityI Thought Strong Black Women Didn’t Get DepressionWhat It’s Like to Be an Asian-American With DepressionWe Can’t Undermine the Effects of Racial Trauma.

2. Share something you just can’t let go of. Whether it’s a ableist microaggression that’s happened one too many times, or a comment from a doctor that went over the line, share something that may not be a “big deal” to others, but is actually a big deal to you. Examples: If Someone With Chronic Illness Says They’re Tired, Please Think Before Responding, ‘Me Too’Why Trauma Survivors Can’t Just ‘Let It Go’The ‘Routine’ Question That Held New Meaning After My Hysterectomy.

3. Share a helpful — but surprising or “weird” — habit you have because of your disability, chronic illness or mental illness. Let’s face it — sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get through the day, even if that means doing something that seems “strange” to others. If you have an example of this, explain where this habit comes from and let others know they’re not alone if they can relate. Examples: 10 ‘Weird’ Things I Do Because of Anxiety; 12 Weird Ways My Life Changed Because of My Chronic Illnesses.

4. Write a response to something in the news — good or bad. A new song. An interview with a celebrity. A comment from a politician. If something in the news cycle strikes a nerve or leaves you inspired, let us know why. Make sure to mark your piece as timely when you submit! Examples: To the State Senator Who Said Nurses ‘Play Cards’ on the JobThe Ableist Language in Taylor Swift’s New SongWhat I Want Khloe Kardashian to Know About Her ‘OCD’ Cookie Jar Video

5. Parents: tell us about a sweet moment between you and your child with a disability. Share a moment you’ll never forget, even if it was everyday and small. Describe what happened and explain why it was meaningful. Example: Night Time With My Daughter With Down Syndrome.

6. We’re working on a new series called Life After Cancer, about the ups and downs you face as a cancer survivor (or loved one of a cancer survivor). Share a story about a challenge you’ve experienced, lesson you’ve learned or something that has surprised you since remission or being “no evidence of disease” (NED). Please include the hashtag #LifeAfterCancer in your submission.

Thank you for sharing your story with The Mighty!

We’re humbled to have you with us.