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I Know Some of the Most Important People in the World… and They’re Not Famous

I know people.

Yeah, that’s right, I know people.

I’m something special because I know some pretty important people — some of the most special people around.

No, not Beyoncé and not Jay Z or Bono or anyone famous.

I know special people who have to sacrifice everything.

I know special people who have to ignore the stares.

I know special people who have to grieve over the loss of their children.

I know special people who have to wipe tears from their eyes all the time when no one is looking.

I know heroes who painfully worry about someone other than themselves.

I know unbelievably strong people who will never be recognized for what they do.

I know people who matter to the people who need them.

I know people who don’t eat or sleep because of those who rely on them.

I know people who lay awake at night accepting the reality that they or someone they love dearly is going to leave us all sooner than they should.

I know people who will forever be caretakers.

I know real heroes who live amongst us unheralded, unrecognized, under appreciated.

I know the mighty!

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