This State-of-the-Art Playground Will Make Sure Kids With and Without Disabilities Can Play Together

Before Krystyn LaBate’s son, Giovanni, was born three years ago, she figured children with disabilities had just as many opportunities as typically developing children. After Giovanni was diagnosed with a cortical malformation and cephalic disorder, two rare neurological disorders that affect brain development, she learned this was far from the case.

LaBate, who lives in upstate New York, quickly grew frustrated by the lack of resources available to children with her son’s condition so she started the Cortical Malformation and Cephalic Disorder Foundation, an organization that works to improve the lives of children afflicted with the disorder, according to News 10.

The nonprofit recently teamed up with the town of Milton, New York, to construct a playground for children with and without disabilities to share. They playground will include specialty equipment designed for use by a children with a range of disabilities, including a state of the art wheelchair swing, Time Warner Cable News reported.

“Anything that can be done to normalize the lives of these children and give them the opportunities that typically developing children have — that’s great in my book,” LaBate says in the video below.

Learn more about this inspiring project in the video below.

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