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To the Parent Who Noticed My Son’s Behavior at a Basketball Game

I just had something amazing happen to me and I needed to share it.

I was at my daughter Alana’s basketball game and Brendan, my son who has Dup15q syndrome, was getting antsy, so I put a movie on the DVD player. The battery died.

He began to push his toy car on the side of the court and wanted to have it go through the muddy puddles that were brought in from his chair. He then began to lick the muddy water. I continued to distract him and he began pulling my hair. My anxiety was at a high.

Then, the father of a girl on the team offered (actually, insisted) he needed a break from the game, put Brendan in his chair, hugged me as I began to tear up and took Brendan out to play in another room.

The 20 minutes this gentleman gave to me so I could watch Alana play felt like a lifetime. I’m so grateful for realizing I can’t do this on my own and for those willing to give even the slightest amount of assistance.

I want to offer my thanks again to this man and the many others who have helped me at one point or another along this bumpy, yet grateful journey.

I’m feeling blessed.

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