The Autism Myth I’m Debunking Every Single Day

I’ve met many teachers, therapists, aides, doctors, professionals, friends and people in general throughout my journey. The ones who stand out the most in my mind are the individuals who went above and beyond to help me. These individuals were patient, they stayed with it and never gave up on me. They believed in me, they trusted me, and in turn, I trusted them.

I know the days were and still are not always easy. I’m sure there were days you went home tired and frustrated. But you persevered, you continued to help me, even when you were not quite sure how. You asked me how you could help. You never assumed anything; you presume competence always.

I’m a smart, funny, kind, caring, loving, helpful, creative, respectful, trustworthy, young lady who has a smile that can brighten a room. I have a heart of gold. I’ve encountered many obstacles throughout my life, and I’ve overcomes and continue to learn and make progress,

One challenge I’ve faced is people’s assumptions. You see, just because I appear so high functioning at times doesn’t mean my struggles are not real. Just because I am 22 years old, doesn’t mean I’m done making progress; I’m debunking that myth each and every single day. So next time you start to think, Oh, they’re too old to make any more progress, or they’re too old for me to work with them, think of me, and remember my story.

I know supporting me and teaching me can be a challenging task at times. Thank you for taking the time to see a young lady who has potential. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for noticing my progress. It means the world to me. Know I care about you and appreciate you.



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