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25 Ways My Family Defines Autism

This is what autism is for my son, for me, and for our family.

1. Autism is why his tantrums seemed so much worse than the other kids.

2 Autism is why he wouldn’t look at me or respond to his name.

3. Autism is why some things are so hard for him — noises and sounds, connecting with the other kids.

4. Autism is why it has always been so hard for him to sleep.

5. Autism is why he’s clueless if you try to play pretend.

6. Autism is why he just can’t adapt to big changes.

7. Autism is why I need to be strong.


8. Autism is why I need to ask for help, and accept it.

9. Autism is why I need to check out and know it’s ok to take a walk or go workout.

10. Autism is why I need to be proactive and regulate his sensory system, because his needs are different than others.

11. Autism is learning why for me it’s important to be balance and a career. I can be a better mom if I have all of myself.

12. Autism is the moment I knew, really knew, how important early intervention was.

13.  Autism is knowing what amazing people there are out there to help teach my son, and  help teach me how to help my son.

14. Autism is watching him walk through the zoo and hold a little girls hand and give her a hug, just like all the other kids, and knowing it’s because I taught him how.


15. Autism is why after years of trying to get my son to use a spoon and eat independently, I realized a video could show him better than I could. Video modeling is huge.

16. Autism is why going on a gluten/caisen free diet could make huge changes in mood and language even though all the studies aren’t necessarily conclusive.

17. Autism is trusting your “mommy instincts” for what is best for him — from school choices to diet to simple things like watching television. And knowing when to not listen to even the best doctors’ advice.

18. Autism is knowing it’s time to stop being so serious and laugh and play. Even if it means wearing a cape and jumping off the furniture.


19. Autism is why some social things just aren’t worth doing.

20. Autism is being able to change. Thanks to the early intervention we are now able to do things we thought never possible.

21. Autism is thinking he would never call me mom, and him proving me wrong.

22. Autism is why simple pictures can help him express his needs and develop the verbal language along with it.

23. Autism is learning and sharing from other moms and other children. There are so many inspiring people.

24. Autism is knowing I have a beautiful, special boy that will continue to amaze me every day.

25. Autism is knowing I was meant to be his mom, because I believe God gave me the strength to be.

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