This Is How I Wish the World Would See My Brother

He is fun, he is happy.
He brings so much joy.
He’s wise beyond measure,
and he’s just a young boy.

He lives like no other.
He loves his good life.
While most people focus on anger and strife,

He smiles at strangers to brighten their day.
He sings and he dances his worries away.

He happens to see life the clearest of all
Though doctors may tell him his vision is small.

This poem describes Beau, a boy with a heart.
He’s been loving and kind and a joy from the start.

He has his bad days, but most every boy does.
He forgives with a hug and grin just because.

I still haven’t told you that Beau has Down syndrome.
Some say it’s a disability.
I say it brings wisdom.

Yet, Beau is not normal; he’s very much not.
But normal is boring, so here is my thought:

Life’s an adventure that has its own brain,
So why do we flush boys like Beau down the drain?

Why do we think joy is such a big problem?
Why should we send happiness to the bottom?

I wish our big world would embrace him like me.
He may have his flaws, but he’s taught me to see.

For I am Beau’s sister, I’m Emma Grace Wright,
Who thinks that the world is in need of some sight.

Please start loving all and accepting each other.
The reason I do is because of my brother.


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